While scrolling through Instagram’s “popular” page, I came across a picture that made me pause. I was so taken aback by the model’s mature beauty, but further more her vintage blouse and maxi skirt had me in a jealous frenzy.

The picture was tagged with the name Free People. After further stalking, I noticed that Free People is a clothing brand geared toward twenty-somethings that exude fun, creativity, fearlessness and most of all, confidence. While they’re original beginnings date back to the 70s, they have been continuing to produce clothing that incorporate vibrant prints and intricate colors. I am in love with all they have to offer, from clothing to jewelry. It’s safe to say you will feel empowered… while still catering to your inner style child.

You can find their brand at Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, and online. I’m now following their Instagram and stalking their pictures daily. I am totally obsessed! Did I mention the prints were FAB?

What do you love most about Free People?