There’s a makeup company that should be on every twenty-something’s radar – BITE Beauty. Not only does their chic packaging stand out, but their products will make any lip-color-obsessed woman fall in love. Even if you’re still easing into wearing bright, vibrant colors, they have the perfect products for that transition.

BITE Beauty has a Lip & Define Lip Primer, $22 (that’s made of jojoba and argan oil, so you know it’s good!) that ensures your color will not only stay in place and keep from feathering out, but it also primes your lips for when you apply an actual lip color and keeps them conditioned. What’s awesome about this product is that it’s colorless, so it won’t leave any awkward lines if you accidentally get it past the line of your lip. (If you’re anything like us trying to put liner on during a bumpy subway ride, you’ll appreciate that.)

The tip of the pencil can easily be sharpened with the tool at the base of the applicator for that very purpose, so this is something you can use any time, anywhere..

Another favorite from BITE is their line of Lush Lip Tints, $24). What’s fantastic about these is that the colors are so rich and vibrant — they really catch people’s eyes. Since the lip color is more of a stain and is super lightweight, they’re perfect for summer and will easily replace that disgusting feeling of hot, melting lipstick on a humid summer day.

The soft, gray packaging on these products is to-die-for, and the best part is the signature “B” that’s embedded within the lip tint, which is full of antioxidants to regenerate your skin!

Both products are small, compact, and easily fit inside a small handbag, which works perfectly because once you have them, you’re not going to want to go anywhere without them! And if you’re not sure about what color you want to try out first, our favorite is “Tangelo.” We’re kind of in love.

What lip products are you obsessing over for summer?