If seeing Hugh Jackman ride around on one of these babies isn’t enough to prove to you why this kick scooter is awesome, we have many more reasons. And yes — we’re about to tell you.

The White Kick, which makes going to school or work a whole lot easier (and a lot more fun), is more than your average scooter. It’s specially designed to make riding over bumpy sidewalks a breeze, and for those of us who like to get places fast with minimal effort, you have found your new best friend. Plus, there’s no need to lean forward while riding, and with the larger wheels, you’ll feel safer than ever.



Another great attribute is that the scooter easily folds right up, so whether you’re taking it into the classroom or sticking it in your cubicle at work, it won’t take up much space.

Obviously we’re loving the ease of riding around on our shiny white Kickboard USA scooters… so the only fair thing to do is give you one of them, too! Yes, a $199, brand-new, shiny white scooter can be ALL yours by simply doing the following:

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Check out Kickboard Campus (launching this fall!).