Cordel Roper isn’t your average-sounding up-and-coming British superstar. Yes, he has the swoon-worthy accent that every American girl can hardly resist, but this hottie from Brighton, England has a very unexpected sound — one that was influenced by classic rock ‘n’ roll. Yes, he’s pretty much Elvis Presley’s protégé from across the pond.

L20: You have such an original sound. How did you develop something so different than other twenty-somethings?

CR: When people hear me sing, they say my voice sounds much older and they don’t expect me to be a 20-year-old. My unique sound is from just listening to the music I love and pulling it apart and taking parts of it I like. For example, some phrasing from Elvis and some timing techniques from Frank Sinatra and energy from Bruno Mars.

L20: How did you first get involved with music?

CR: I got involved in music by going to the Sylvia Young Theatre School — the same theatre school that Amy Winehouse went to. It was there that my voice developed.

L20: Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

CR: I’ve always had a lot of music influences. My influences on the main part are 50s rock ‘n’ roll Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Sinatra, and Sammy Davis Jr. and The Eagles are also huge inspirations. And more recently, Bruno Mars.

L20: What’s one of your favorite parts about being a musician and performing?

CR: Making music is amazing, but there’s nothing better than taking it out and letting people hear it.

L20: What do you like to do when you’re not performing?

CR: I love surfing. I also go the movies — that’s a huge part of my life. Everything really; I just enjoy life.

L20: You have the most gorgeous girlfriend — what’s your advice on keeping a great relationship and making it work?

CR: I think it’s just being best friends, really. When you’re best friends, if you fight you just shrug it off. That will ensure a long-term relationship for sure.

L20: If money wasn’t an option, where would you go on your absolute dream date?

CR: If money wasn’t an option, it’d have to be Hawaii. On Waikiki Beach… without a doubt.

L20: Do you have any huge pet peeves?

CR: My biggest pet peeve is snatching — that kills me. I can’t bear it. I hate that so much.

Editor’s Note: I had to ask to make sure, but he means when someone takes something off of you while you’re using it — like your cell phone to see a text! Yeah, that’d bug us, too.

L20: What’s most attractive quality about the opposite sex?

CR: I think confidence is the main thing. I love confidence. Someone who doesn’t think she’s a supermodel, but thinks highly of herself — I think that’s very appealing. You don’t want someone that has too much confidence.

L20: What are your goals for the future?

CR: I just want to make people happy though my music and stay true to myself as well.

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