So it’s Monday night and you’re engrossed in your favorite guilty pleasure. It could be Jersey Shore, the array of Housewives, or one of my favorites, Bad Girls Club. It’s often the same script across the board–the mean popular girls against the rest of the cast. While many cannot get enough of the caddy brawls and constant drama they bring, who truly aspires to be like these individuals?

It’s sad that there are very few shows representing women in a positive light. Is this what reality TV has come to? We are constantly seeing the Regina George’s in women mid-twenties and up. I can’t imagine why this trend has become so popular.

Every other scene highlights booze drinking, F-bomb dropping, bottle throwing “ladies.” Hello! There are tiny boppers that shouldn’t be watching but probably are. Recently, it has been in the media that Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives is re-imaging herself from “Mean Girl Vixen” to “Classy Mom.” She has been speaking on how she regrets her past seasons on the show and how she wants to make a drastic change to a lady of sophistication. I guess anything can happen? Now hopefully she has started a rippling effect.

Though these shows are highly entertaining, but don’t get caught up in the hype. Women are creatures that should be represented to the highest esteem and who should not¬†throw bottles in restaurants. Disputes are perfectly OK to have. It’s life. However, when they become violent (especially on TV), it becomes juvenile.

BOTTOM LINE: Be a women, not animals. These are fun shows to watch, but don’t be the one to reenact them.

What are your thoughts on “the new mean girls” taking over reality television?