Let me start off by saying that there’s a smart phone app for everything, but these apps are perfect for women and will make our lives so much easier.

My Days – This app predicts when your next period will be and when you’re ovulating and shows it all on a calendar. It also gives you the option to label if you took your birth control pill, notes, intimacy, temperature, weight, mood, and other information. I really like this app because of the simplicity. There are also charts that calculate your BMT, and you can even back up or email your data. On Android devices, there’s an option to add the widget to your homepages.  This app is available for Apple and Android devices. (It’s free but you can upgrade it for a fee.)

Evernote – For women who constantly have their phones glued to their hands, like myself, it’s nice having a place to jot down ideas — especially since I always forget what it is by the time I go to write it down. Evernote is a virtual notepad that syncs to your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows desktop so it is always handy. It even has voice notes, which assure you that you won’t forget your thought! This app is available for Apple and Android devices. (It’s free but you can upgrade it for a fee.)

Circle of 6 – With the tagline “an App that prevents violence before it happens,” Circle of 6 lets you choose 6 people in your circle and if, let’s just say you’re lost and need to be picked up or don’t know where you are, you tap on the car icon and it sends a text to your circle with your GPS location. Maybe you’re on a date and it gets uncomfortable — the app can send a message to your circle to alert them to call you so you can get out of the situation. This is perfect for women in college or any women that go anywhere alone. This app is available for Apple devices. (It’s totally free!)

Calorie Counter – This is good for women that like to keep track of how many calories they consume daily. I’ve had this for a while and it has a lot of the foods that I eat when I go out. The only downside is that when you cook yourself, you have to be aware of the amount of ingredients, and some of the foods you cook at home aren’t in the directory. However, there are healthy and delicious-looking recipes online that you can use that all have nutritional information. Also, this app has an exercise log so you can get the most accurate weight loss data daily. You can also access this website and your account online, which has even more features. This app is available for the Apple and Android devices. (Free, free, free!)

Nike Women Training –This is a fitness app that includes cardio, core, strength, balance, and flexibility exercises. This app even allows you to go online to view workout videos and your training schedule from anywhere. You can even create your own workout and include your friends in your workout as well. This app is available for Apple devices. (Free!)

What apps do you use to make your life easier? Tell us in the comments below!