Want the designer duds without the designer prices? I (like many of you) have an addiction to a few designers that are normally out of my fabulously frugal lifestyle. I love the cashmere on a cotton diet and I want the Dior in my closet when I can only really afford the Payless brand prices. However, I live by the motto “own things of quality rather than quantity.” So, here is how you too can have the Dior lifestyle on a budget!

Before I let you fall in love with these websites and their sales, I have to give you a few tips. Remember the rules of a sale: pay for what the item is worth or less rather than what the retail price is set at. Meaning if you find items that you like and want to be sure you’re really getting a deal, find the item online at a few different websites and determine the going retail price + shipping costs at each website. The item you’re buying should be 40% or MORE than the mean of the other website prices to be worth the expense! Who knew math could be so fun?

Love a bargain? Enjoy the thrill of chasing an item til the last minute? Then Ideeli is for you! Here you can have the thrill of the chase and enjoy the feeling of a shopping spree well done.

Why not join the club? Billion Dollar Babes not only treats its members like gold, but serves up the best deals from the hottest designers at prices that make you feel like royalty.

Were you invited? Rue La La is an invitation-only destination for the hottest styles. Members not only have the ability to shape the experience of the website, but also live out the mission statement of the company–to be innovative and discover. The mecca of bargain shopping awaits you!

Ready to sizzle in style? In the words of Paris Hilton, “That’s so haut!” HauteLook is a free-to-join online sale experience. Enjoy 50-70% off of some of the hottest fashions.

Never joined any clubs in college? It’s not too late! Why not join SoleSociety? Where the heels are high and the sales endless.

Still don’t get it? Well… why don’t you join GlitGroupe and see how wonderful 60% off really feels! (Trust me, it feels good.)

What are your favorite places to save online?