So, it’s almost officially summer, which will make it time to hit the beach and pools on a weekly (if not daily) basis.  What does this mean, you might be wondering?  It’s time to put those problem spots out of your head and into action.  There’s no reason to slack off on eating healthy and developing a weekly workout routine.  If anything, we should be more motivated to look and feel our best since it is the season of bikinis, shorts, and dresses!

Recently, I became extremely exhausted by looking at my problem areas in the mirror.  I began to feel uncomfortable, unhappy, and downright distraught about how I looked.  Was I doing anything to change these areas at the time?  Not at all.  I used to rely on playing softball in my high school and early college years to keep me in shape.  I never needed to go to the gym very often and I ate whatever I wanted and still stayed in shape.  However, like many college students, college gets in the way of our healthy habits.  This causes us to develop unhealthy eating habits and any idea of working out gets thrown out of the window.

To change this, I made a promise to myself to begin eating healthier and working out three to four times per week (which is easy since I work in a gym!).  I give myself an off day every week, but I do not overindulge and ruin my entire day.  When we get into a routine of healthy eating and exercising, it becomes easier and easier the more that we stick to it.  If you want the results you desire, you have to do some hard work!  It’s not easy to get in shape, but it does get easier and more enjoyable with each day’s worth of dedication.

I’m not going to use the “I’m in college, I’m busy and don’t have time to workout” excuse any longer and neither should any of you.  If anything, remember these tips when you’re looking to get in shape:

1. Work hard, but do not get disappointed if you do not achieve results right away.  Getting in shape takes time.

2. Set up a healthy eating plan, but look for alternatives to unhealthy snacks that you may not be willing to give up.  Fruits are yummy and great for your diet… and you can always add some chocolate chips to make it even yummier for those with a sweet tooth.

3. Alternate your workout routines.  Do a few days at the gym, switching between cardiovascular exercises and strength exercises.  On another day, go running outside (drag a friend along!), take your dog for a walk, or play a sport with friends (my favorite is going to the batting cages since I used to play softball).

4. Have fun and don’t lose your determination to get in shape!  You’ll get the results you want in due time.

What’s your first step in getting into shape this summer?