Our bras are our girlfriends, giving us the support we need and always keeping close to our hearts. Now it’s our turn to return the favor and show our bras the love they deserve. Check out the short set of tips below on how to care for your bras and keep them looking brand new.

  • Try to keep from washing your bras on a daily basis. Your bras can go nearly 2 weeks without being washed because of their material.
  • When it’s time to wash your bras, always opt for the handwash option. Handwashing your bras with mild soap and warm water will do the trick just fine.
  • If you absolutely cannot wash your bras, place your undergarments in a netted lingerie bag, and stick them in your washing machine in the delicates cycle. Make sure your bras are hooked close and the straps are securely in place. Feel free to throw in your dirty underwear, slips, and lightweight fabrics as well. Once the washing machine has done its job, pull out your bras and remold and shape your cups.
  • After your bras are washed always air dry. Do NOT put your bras in the dryer. The heat from the dryer will eat away at the fabric of your bras and deteriorate the cups and straps. Instead, hang them up on a hook, knob, or over a towel rod and let the breeze do its work. They should be dry and ready to wear in about an hour.
  • If you notice any loose threads, immediately snip them off. Not only will this keep your bras looking clean and sharp, but it prevents the threads from becoming looser and unraveling further.
  • When traveling, stick your bras in a hardshell case. I highly recommend investing in a bra case if you’re big on traveling. You do not want the cups of the bras to crease or become wrinkled.
  • Avoid spraying perfumes onto your bra. Some perfumes can also deteriorate the cups of your bras or stain the fabric.
  • When storing your bras, always stack them on top of one another. Do NOT invert the cups into one another. Again, this will deteriorate the fabric of the bra and wear out the elastic.

Let us know if these tips work for you!