For all of you wander-lusters out there, here’s a list of essentials to carry on board when taking off for your summer getaways!

  1. Snacks – I love my strawberry Pocky! Yum!
  2. Socks – Those airplanes can get chilly! Especially if you’re on an international flight.
  3. Passport – Can’t get on without it, ladies!
  4. iPod/iPhone – We all need a break from those crying babies and the guy snoring right next you. Give your ears a rest!
  5. Sunglasses – Look glam on and off the plane!
  6. Gum – Nothing beats fresh breath!
  7. Make-Up Remover Wipes – Even if you’re not wearing any makeup, these handy little wipes are a great pick-me-up before landing.
  8. Lip Balm – Keep your lips nice and moisturized with a good balm.
  9. Books – Don’t forget to bring yourself some form of entertainment! A diary or a thrilling novel should do the trick. 50 shades, anyone?
  10. Camera – Keep a camera close by to snap silly pics of you and your partner in crime, or of your destination from up high.
  11. Tote or Handbag – Buy a roomy handbag or tote to store your carry-on essentials.
  12. Cardigan or Jacket – Keep cold air drafts away with a blanket of warmth.

Comment down below and tell us what you keep in your carry-on!