College is an unforgettable experience. Your friendships and memories last a lifetime and the lessons you learn will help shape you into the adult you choose to be in future. College is a time where temptations are abundant and the choices we make define who we are, but our experiences as collegiates are priceless.

College education is viewed from several different perspectives. We see it as the time in our lives of self-discovery and experimental freedom. Our parents’ opinions of the college experience is usually focused on the amount of money they labored for us to get our liberal arts degree and therefore, leads to arguments about “wasting our time.”

My parents were these people, but I was not “fooling around” as they called it. I believed any class was valuable for my educational growth. It was important to me that I gained a well-rounded academic education. I signed up for classes that were not necessary for my major. At the time, I had an appetite for learning as much as I could. And so I did, however, now as a college alum and entering graduate student, I look at my student loan report and college transcript and realize I could have been a bit more selective. Some of the prospective employers look at my transcript and see a vast range of interests. Four years ago, I thought it made me appear well-rounded, but today, the reactions of these interviewers leans closer the idea that I did not have a main focus.

I am very appreciative of my college years, but looking back now, I think I would have benefited from knowing what classes would help me once I graduated and entered the work force. Therefore, I am offering some advice based on my own experiences, to our Love Twenty readers. Here is a list of the classes that every college girl should take. They are mostly entry level courses, but they are friendly for all majors and interests. Study hard, ladies!

English Composition 1 and 2: It doesn’t matter whether you want to be a chemical engineer or an English teacher. Everyone needs to know how to write well. You will go far in your career if you understand how to write a solid email and well researched term paper. Writing is a skill that will set you apart from the rest.

Biology: Science was never my forte, but I appreciated learning the foundation of all living things. biology or anatomy will help you understand the basics of science and allow you to have a conversation with someone whose career and focus is in science.

American History: There are serveral people in our country who do not know its history. History was once considered an important subject, but it is getting less recognition and attention. Take a class on European history, early American history or on a major war and you will be one of the few people who understand where you come from.

Psychology 101: I do not suggest taking too many classes of psychology unless it is required, but I did gain some insight into the human psyche from taking an introductory course. It was interesting and challenged me to think outside of my normal way of understanding a subject, a skill I have learned to be very important down the road.

Art History: As a mature and well educated young woman, you need to be somewhat familiar with art and its understanding. People appreciate someone who can have a conversation of many topics and art is a very respected interest. Take a class in art appreciation or art history and you will gain access to an exclusive club of academics and respect from peers who will be impressed that you have an educated understanding of a sometimes difficult subject.

Computer: I’ll say this simply: You need to know how to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Our world operates by computers now, so to make sure you are not left in the Stone Age, you need to know how to operate your computer properly and efficiently.

Math: Take at least two math courses. Your taxes will thank you one day.

Which courses have you taken in college so far that you feel will help you in the future?  Share them below!