Though it’s negotiable whether or not college students even go on dates anymore (sorry ladies, the first step to boyfriendville does not equal a romantic evening under the strobe light), there’s a handful of statements one should never say in the presence of the opposite sex.  Be it over a candlelit dinner or a tapped keg, if the objective is to make it to date number two, you’re going to have to watch what comes out of that pretty little mouth of yours.

“Oooh, sorry I don’t eat anything that moos… or with carbs, sugar, or water.”
Deciding what to order on a food date is always tricky.  You don’t want to make a mess, look like a glutton, get food in your teeth, rack up the bill, etcetera, etcetera. If you’re picky, stick to something basic and try not to criticize him if he orders the filet mignon oozing hemoglobin.  He half expects you to get a salad anyway.

“I plan on getting engaged senior year, and then naming my – oh sorry, our kids x,y, and z.”
All women should know by now to never bring up the topic of kids on the first date.  But really, any excessive future talk could hurt your game.  You know of a cool party Saturday night?  Don’t be in a rush to invite him.  Wait until the end of the date to feel him out.  Of course you could always take the hard-to-get route and text him his cordial invitation two days later!

I’m bored.”
Ouch. Even if the guy wasn’t the one to plan the date, the fact that he is failing to keep you interested on it is a real kick to the ego.  Trust me, the awkward silence takes the cake on this one. Fake it ‘til you make it… out of his sight.

“Ha ha that’s hysterical! I just tweeted it!”
Yeah, yeah this is the age of technology, generation Y, apple shmapple. Look, I’m all for Twitter, and I’m pretty sure I’ve hit maximum capacity on my wedding board on Pinterest, but when it comes to getting to know people, it’s time to log off.  If you’re like me and want to go all Theresa Guidice on your family when the entire dinner table breaks out their cells, you can bet how annoyed the guy must feel when you can’t put down your iPhone at the Friday’s.

“Gasp! Is that my birth control alarm? You’d think after being on it for two years I’d remember when to take it by now!”
While you should definitely be flirty, saying anything too sexual on the first date could set you up in the wrong category – especially if you’re looking to get serious with this guy.  Show him you are more than just your hot bod (you sly devil). Make him like you for you as in your personality before not hitting the snooze button on your BC alarm!

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever said on a first date?