For those of us making our bucks with a job like a camp counselor or lifeguard this summer — the jobs with no sexual harassment policies or that won’t carry into the school year — dating a co-worker is pretty much required.  They should just include a box on the form after you fill in your name and desired salary (“Check yes if you are available.”  That’s it.) I mean, how else are you going to maintain sanity after telling the children for the thousandth time not to run around the pool?

Of course, a lot of us have moved on passed the waitressing and babysitting gigs and on to “big girl” summer jobs where an office romance could mean the boot.  So before diving into the dating pool this summer with your business boy toy, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of wading into the deep end.

Secrets, secrets are no fun…

Pro: …Unless you can keep them.  The sun is strong but nothing is hotter than stolen kisses in the break room. Ah, forbidden love.

Con: When the missing camper is found under the oak tree with the carved initials into it, j-oak’s on you.

Honesty: the best policy!

Pro: You know his work ethic and he knows yours.  You can help each other out by reaching goals and promotions, as well as solve work-related problems together.

Con: You may have different ideas of what a clean pool or split tip looks like.

Simply a matter of time

Pro: Never before could you make money on dates (that is, if you start to consider working late date night).  You know for sure you are going to be seeing each other every week.  An office fling might be just the motivation you need to put on that extra coat of mascara, too.

Con: Too much of a good thing isn’t always good.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep things private, or worse, interesting, when you see each other 24/7.  And let’s not even get started on how much this is going to stink if you break up!

The easiest way to meet your summer fling is at your place of work.  It offers your time as a temp a playful distraction from the heat and tedious tasks.  If you don’t think you can carry on the romance for the three months of summer, it’s best not to get involved.  But shall you decide to mix business and pleasure, just remember your top priority is your work and to never to mix PDA with the PTA.

Have you ever had a summer office romance?