If any of you live on the east coast, you’ve been hit with the summer heat waves!  Longer days, more heat – can you take it anymore?  Personally, I live in Maryland and have grown tired of sweating in the 100-degree weather each day.  However, my air conditioner is glad to be of use 24/7 after being on hiatus for months.  Nevertheless, I’ve had to make sacrifices to my outfit and makeup choices, which is something none of us should ever have to do.  Here are some solutions to surviving the summer heat, without sacrificing your gorgeous-ness!

Makeup:  Wear light foundation and cover-up to keep your makeup fresh all through the summer heat.  Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are your best friends while hanging out at the beach or by the pool (check out Sephora; they have some great choices).  And, as always, wear lotion or sunscreen on your face and body to protect that gorgeous skin!

Wardrobe:  Flowy tank tops have been my staple this summer.  If you want to tackle the heat in style, choose this as your staple, too!  Stores such as Delia’s and PacSun have many choices of tank tops and are available with graphics or in fun neon colors.  Pair this piece with shorts with at least 1-2% spandex in the fabric and you’re in for a cooler day.

Other:  If these options are not in your price range or interest, grab a good book or your laptop and enjoy the company of your air conditioner!  Don’t be ashamed – we’ve all sat inside this summer, wishing for cooler temps and a better wardrobe to attach to it.  It’s okay – just don’t sacrifice too much of your time indoors.  Your summer tan is waiting!

Tell us how you’re staying cool in the summer heat!