The Teen Choice Awards are a special kind of award show. The kind where the titles mean nothing, the votes come from tweens and teens (aged 13-19), the awards are giant surfboards, and the hosts, performers, and attendees look like the love children of an illicit affair between the CW and Disney Channel (in which MTV was named godparent). It’s one of the funnest awards shows to watch, but we all know that half the fun of watching an awards show (even one as silly and crazy as the TCAs) is the fashion! See who looked fierce and who looked like a hot mess on the pink carpet below.

Ashley Benson in a Monique Lhullier top, Balenciaga pants, and Jimmy Choo shoes

What the… OK, whose body is that and why is it underneath Ashley Benson’s head?! Oh, that’s her. Oh, jeez. What is this? Is that a skirt? Is that pants? Is that lingerie? Do any of the clothes she’s wearing fit her? For the record, those are pants she’s wearing. I can’t explain anything about this outfit further than that.

Lucy Hale in a Wes Gordon dress and Brian Atwood shoes

This is so… normal! Lucy Hale usually dresses in kind of outrageous outfits that usually fall flat, so it’s refreshing to see her in something so simple and pretty. While it may come off as boring to some, the bold color and cute cut of the dress work perfectly on her and the sparse accessories and shoes let the dress stay the centerpiece. Young, fresh, fabulous.

Shay Mitchell in a Donna Karan Atelier dress and Camilla Skovgaard shoes

Dayum! Corset tops seem to be big on the pink carpet and here is how you do it right. Shay looks stunning in this color and the dress is just risqué enough to grab your attention, but tame enough for the teeny boppers watching her at home. Love! And, I mean, her legs are awesome, right? Even in a corset top, she looks so classy.

Troian Bellisario in Maria Lucia Hohan

Taking wardrobe tips from Taylor Swift apparently, Troian looked absolutely gorgeous in this nude-colored dress. (Similar to the one Taylor wore. Seriously, it’s the same designer and everything.) She honestly looks like a ballerina in this. The dress is so delicate and pretty, which contrasts well with her dark brown hair and exotic face. I’m not crazy about the black shoes with it, but I like that they have a nude bow on top to match the dress.

Ashley Rickards

Whoa. How old is this girl again? She looks like she’s thirty, no? She’s actually 20. I know, right? She looks stunning either way, but I’m personally never a fan of dresses that have two different neckline cuts (see: Sofia Vergara at the 2012 SAG awards) and I feel like the skirt of this dress is a little ho-hum, but the color is striking on her and she does look good. Not great, but definitely not a worst-dressed, either.

Bella Thorne in an All Saints skirt and Brian Atwood shoes

Why can’t all people be like this 14-year-old girl? I love, love, love when the young girl come out in amazing fashion. Everything from her hair to her pose is so young and chic–I can’t get enough. She’s so cute! My only problem here is the heavy shoes, but they are sparkly and they give some edge to this super sweet ensemble, so they’re actually growing on me. (Also, who wants to see her play Jayma Mays’ daughter or sister at some point? I’m seeing double right now.)

Candice Accola in 3.1 Phillip Lim

Hee! Yay, Candice! She’s so adorable. Even when she’s scaring the crap out of me on Vampire Diaries, she is still adorable. And while I can easily see this outfit taking her to meet her friends lunch on Sunday, she still looks awesome. But, I don’t think there’s really a dress code for the Teen Choice Awards so I think her casualness can be overlooked.

Carly Rae Jepsen in a Lisa Ho dress and Aldo shoes

Ugh, why, just WHY? Who looks at this and says, “Ehmagawd, that is so totally cute, I’m gonna wear that to my first awards show!” Well, Carly Rae, apparently. The jacket alone, fine, maybe it can work. The shorts alone… maybe they’ll work if they’re paired with über neutral extras. Novelty purse? Love! Shoes? Amazing! Together? Trainwreck.

Chelsea Kane in Alice + Olivia shorts and French Connection top

I don’t even know anymore. The shoes are amazing, I’ll give her that, and I love the idea of wearing shorts to this awards show but… come on, Chelsea. She must have known that those shorts look like a tissue paper arts and crafts project. The oversized shirt is amazing, but it’s been killed by these awful shorts. So not how that top was meant to be worn. One of my worst-dressed of the night.

Demi Lovato in a Falguni & Shane dress and Christian Louboutin shoes

She’s like a couture African princess. Also, she’s like a hot mess. I love her hair color but the hair style is so WTF that I can’t even look at it for too long. The dress is… not terrible? Don’t hate me for saying that because the logical part of my brain is screaming from looking at this dress, but there’s a part of me that thinks she’s pulling this off! I don’t love the black mesh covering her side-boob, because I just think that’s inappropriate for a kid’s show, but there’s no doubt that she is owning this dress and forcing it to work. Plus, she looks beautiful. Really, excellent makeup right there.

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi

Ellen literally looks like Justin Bieber on Glee. Of course this couple is super cute and I love them both, but I’m just confused. They look like L.A. tourists, honestly. But Portia’s shoes are amazing. Those definitely get “honorable mention” in the best shoes of the night.

Gwen Stefani in Yves Saint Laurent

Yes. Yes! They are back. Finally! I miss No Doubt and I wasn’t even born when they came out with their first album. Gwen looks amazing, as usual. Her jewelry (which you can’t see so clearly in this picture) is out of this world. She has a blinged out ring on every finger and I love her checkered nails (she’s still ska at heart). They all look put together and totally punk chic. Love.

Hayden Panettiere in a Zuhair Murad dress and B by Brian Atwood shoes

Best dressed of the night. End of story. Everyone knows I love glitter and sparkles (who doesn’t?) and Hayden totally gets it right. Her shoes, which are cheetah print in different colors, look like they came from the Jersey Shore, but I seriously want those shoes. She looks young and put together and ready to have fun.

Holland Roden in Alice + Olivia

This dress has soooo much potential! She looks beautiful and I love, love, love the cut of the dress and the shoes but… the colors? That pattern? Way too meh for the type of event she’s at.

Jordin Sparks in a Chagoury Couture dress and Prada shoes

Yay! I have my worst-dressed of the night! This honestly looks like a Quinceañera dress for a Cabbage Patch doll. Her face, of course, looks gorgeous but… the dress… why? Why, Jordin? All I want is answers.

Kat Graham in Mara Hoffman dress and Gio Dev shoes

YES. Kat Graham is so fierce, it hurts. This dress is amazing! It’s almost perfect except that the shoes don’t match the look or colors at all and I would trade the chunk gold necklace for some gold bangles, and let the dress stand out on its own. Otherwise, A+!

Lea Michele in an Atelier Versace dress and shoes

Nothing too exciting, but she does look very pretty and I love the silver dress and matching shoes. She really looks very cute and put together. And, hold onto your hats ladies, SHE’S STANDING UP STRAIGHT AND SMILING. Has she ever done this on a red carpet before? Maybe all red carpets should be pink from now on if it makes Lea Michele actually smile while she’s on them.

Miranda Cosgrove in a Colette Dinigan dress and Stella McCartney shoes

Ah-dorable! Perfect dress for the occasion and she looks great. I would’ve liked different shoes with it (possibly not in black and definitely with no ankle strap), but all in all, she looks really, really good. I mean, that’s a hot dress.

Nikki Reed in a Contrarian NY corset and skirt and Brian Atwood shoes

Nikki, could you at least try for us? Just try a little. She’s wearing an off-center top with a skirt that looks like a black crinoline and shoes that have absolutely no place in an outfit like this. Also, she’s wearing almost no jewelry. Her shoulders and neck are completely bare and that would be okay if she at least had on some bracelets. Plus, is she looking really thin lately? I liked her when she was a bit curvier.

Nina Dobrev in a J. Mendel dress and Jimmy Choo shoes

As usual, Nina Dobrev is completely flawless on the red carpet. (Let me put on my shock face.) This dress is fantastic and those shoes are out of this world! I need those. Now. I like that she wore a knee-length dress but then amped it up with the slit (and cleavage!). Her hair is youthful and pretty and makes this dress more suited for the occasion. Absolutely perfect.

Selena Gomez in a Dsquared2 dress and Herve Leger shoes

I hate the way she looks here. I’m not gonna lie, there’s just something about her that pisses me off. First of all, here specifically, I hate her hair and shoes. I love the color of the dress and love that the bottom cut is playful and young (she is only 20, after all), but there’s definitely something wrong with the fit of this dress, not to mention that it seems like it’s hanging a little low on her. Oh, well. All in all, not her best.

Taylor Swift in Maria Lucia Hohan 

Simply lovely. She wears this color and cut a lot, but it obviously works. She looks fresh and pretty and just perfect. Love!

Victoria Justice in a Gomez-Garcia dress and Schutz shoes

Oh, man. There is so much going on here, I don’t even know where to start. How about from that heinous turtle neck that’s attached itself to this cocktail dress? Or, what would be a cocktail dress if not for that little tail in the back. Seriously, what’s the point of that? It looks like the tailor got distracted and then was like, “Oh, well.” The belt is awful too, but in the scale of awfulness that is this dress, the belt comes in third. Pretty shoes, though.

Zoe Saldana in Jonathan Saunders

Ugh, Zoe Saldana’s fashion is so exhausting. She just always looks so uptight. This look is just very weird and I honestly hate it, but I can see what she was going for. It’s very 70s and it doesn’t look bad on her, necessarily–it’s just weird. Plus, the shoes have no place in this look whatsoever. Definitely a miss for me.

Zooey Deschanel in Monique Lhullier

What, did she just come from a wedding episode of New Girl or something? I’m so sick of her slouching on red carpets, with her stupid bangs, and boring 50s dresses. The only time I’ve seen her depart from such drabness was at the 2012 SAG awards and even then between the AstroTurf dress and the hideous side burns, I was begging for a sad-looking 50s dress. At least it looks like she brushed her hair this time, which is more than I can say for some of her other appearances.

Joe Jonas in a TopMan suit jacket, Varvatos shirt, and Cole Haan shoes

Usually I don’t include men in my fashion wraps, but I’m making an exception for this Jonas. Truly hideous things are pictured here and I just wanted to say that in no way is this an acceptable look for anyone, including and especially any of the Jonas brothers. He looks awkward, weird, and he’s definitely not cool enough to pull of this look. Also, if a man is going to wear pants that short, they better be fitted to his body, not baggy like this. And I mean, that jacket is just atrocious.

Justin Bieber in a Dolce & Gabbana shirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs pants, and Supra shoes

Is he serious? Is this seriously outfit he wore in public? This has to be a joke. The bagginess of those pants is making me physically uncomfortable right now. And that shirt, with the hair, and the glasses… I don’t think I need to go on at this point. Anyone with two eyes and ears that reject this kid’s music know that this outfit is ridiculous.

Miley Cyrus in… Oh wait

She decided not to show.

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