In 1992, the owner of Lilla Rose began his journey in the hair industry. After much trial and error, he created a beautiful set of hair chopsticks–a piece that made a statement and a lasting impression on the public. Since then, Lila Rose has come very far, producing products such as hair sticks, Flexi-8s, and even headbands.

Lilla Rose’s Flexi-8 clips will leave you in awe with their beautiful, breathtaking design. These clips are unique, elegant, and a great statement piece for dressing up your hair.

The clips are in the shape of a sideways eight, with a rod that pokes through one side of the eight to hold your hair in place. Each clip’s rod has three notches for three different size settings. The rod holds the hair is held firmly in place. The quality is phenomenal, and the clip itself is sturdy. It is durable enough to last you a long time. I’ve attempted to push together the loops of the 8 and the piece wouldn’t budge.

The clips themselves come in three different sizes. I personally recommend purchasing a small or medium-sized clip for maximum versatility. Instead of using the clip on putting up all of your hair, you can use the clip to hold a half-up-do instead.

These are easy for school or a wedding, and their versatility makes them great for applying to any hairstyle. The Flex-8s can be used on a pony tail, updo, or in the place of a bobby pin.

The “8” design of the clip is threaded with beautiful glass beads. Each design has a unique set of beading with a charm dangling from the center. It’s a touch of femininity that really adds a touch of glam to your day… and your hair!

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