With summer’s end quickly approaching, it’s time to fill your days with activities that remind you of just how awesome this season really is. The long, hot days under the sun are grounds for events like barbecues and beach parties, and the dress code is as minimal as your new fringe bikini and some sunblock.

But what’s even better about June, July, and August (and maybe a little of September) is that feeling that you can do whatever your heart desires. You can sit in bed all day and watch reruns of Gossip Girl and Say Yes to the Dress and no one judges. Your friends would probably hop right in with you with a big bucket of ice cream to share. You can drive your car with the windows down and get out with your hair in a partial rat’s nest and people won’t even give you funny looks.

Summer is our reminder to embrace those sweet, carefree moments, and what better way to do that than to remember how satisfying summer was when we were just kids? Here are some fun ideas for wrapping up your summer in the “funnest” way possible:

Slip N Slide/Sprinkler Games: We all know the coolest kid on the block had that gigantic Slip N Slide with the fancy array of sprinklers that felt like you were diving through a wave at the beach, when in reality you were just flopping around on a piece of tarp. Even the simple slides are just as fun as they were 10 years ago, and they’re a great way to cool down in the dead heat of August.

Trips to Your Local Parks: Playing tag on the playground of a park adds a bit more fun to an afternoon picnic date with your main man. Plus, competing for who can swing highest on the swings is equally terrifying and hysterical; maybe you’ll even get a chance to play out that adorable scene from 13 Going on 30.

Chalk Art: For those of us who are artistically challenged (don’t worry, my hand’s raised proudly), sidewalk chalk can be particularly daunting. The good news is that you can literally wash your series of stick figures away with water, and every erase action can turn into a fun water-tag game.

Go Camping (In Your Backyard): Combine the best of both worlds: the great outdoors and air conditioning. Pitching a tent in your backyard takes out all the stress and difficulties that come with camping out at an actual campsite. And, if grilling dinner doesn’t work out, you can always call Pizza Hut!

Beach Games: Bringing a kite to the beach is the ultimate summer activity–especially when your kite sports the Disney princesses or Spongebob and Patrick. (If we could do it old school, it’d be Rugrats and Rocket Power all the way!) You can even bring some buckets and mini shovels and attempt to build a sandcastle. But, for the less ambitious, a few kites and footballs/volleyballs will keep you entertained until the sun sets.

What activities give you that carefree feeling of being a kid again?