Knuckle rings are a continuous, reappearing trend for the year! The combination of these dainty rings stacked up together on your fingers really adds a touch of glam and sheen to your look. Love Twenty was given the opportunity to work with Etsy seller Kristen and her shop GLAMROCKS Designs–the folks who are responsible for these absolutely gorgeous rings! All of these rings are handmade and nothing short of gorgeous. They have a sexy edge to them and look fantastic when stacked on your fingers.

Venus Double Band (Gold), $55.00;  3 Pink Gold Bands, $39.00

1 Gold Band$16.00; Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Handcuff Ring, $16.00

Kristen, the lovely owner of the Etsy shop, gave me an inside “view” of how exactly she puts her creations together. Kristen purchases her supplies from a private supplier in various different thicknesses, depending on her design. The wires she selects are filled with sterling silver or gold. From there, she shapes them out to her desired design. In some cases, Kristen will also solder parts of the ring she is designing together to create her final form. Again, Kristen does all of this by hand! She follows through with three steps of polishing and finally her beauties are ready for her customers to wear. (The gold filled wire wrapped handcuff ring is actually Kristen’s personal design!)

And these beauties are solid! I experienced little to no bending of the rings, even when I attempted to push the sides together to test their strength and sturdiness. They held up wonderfully. The polishing is very well done. While Kristen did include a lovely polishing cloth to go with the rings, the rings were glimmering even when I pulled them out of the box. It’s the polishing which really brings the rings to life, aside from the unique style. The polish’s gleam draws in light like a magnet!

While the pricing of these rings might not be favorable to some, the rings are charming in real life. Knuckle rings are definitely on the trendy side of the spectrum, but these rings can be worn on your  fingers as actual rings.

I would also like to point out, that GLAMROCKS isn’t just known for its stunning knuckle jewelry. They’ve got rocks. Awesome rocks. Like knuckle rings, rock-inspired rings are a growing and stunning trend. They make a great statement piece, and the colors are mesmerizing!

Do these rings rock your world?

Check out GLAMROCK’s Etsy Shop for more, or their website, GLAMROCKS Jewelry.