One of the most unique things about most of us twenty-somethings is that we crave having a busy life.  For us who are aspiring journalists, we may take on a lot more than we can handle: internships, volunteer work and a full-time school schedule.  But it will all pay off soon, right?  We can sleep when we’re dead!  Not so much.  A friend of mine, who just graduated college with TWO degrees and a minor, currently “manages” working between three jobs and two internships.  Somehow, she finds time for alone time with her boyfriend, too.  Personally, I don’t know how she does it.  So, Love Twenty readers, (with my friend as the inspiration) I bring this advice to all of you who are juggling your full-time class schedule, part-time job and internships.  I promise, you can find time to breathe and still achieve your goals.

Tip #1:  Remember to breathe!  I know this may seem silly, but focus on your breathing once in a while.  It’ll calm you down when you’re feeling overwhelmed with your busy-bee life.

Tip #2:  Don’t take on too much at once.  This is self-explanatory, ladies.

Tip #3:  Never be afraid to admit that you need to take a break for yourself.  If you’re feeling like your life is getting too Charlie Sheen-crazy, take a day off from your commitments if you’re able to (you’ll thank me later).

Tip #4:  Make friendships and lifelong connections through the craziness.  Whether it’s making friends with your editor-in-chief, a fellow intern or one of your co-workers, the work load will feel less heavy on you if you have someone at your side.  Not only will you have someone to talk to about work and non-work related things, you’ll have a friend there whenever you need her.

And this last tip might be the most important thing to remember to get out alive from your life of crazy.

Tip #5:  If you have an internship that’s on the verge of ending, remember to be thankful for the opportunity, even if it consumed up most of your time.  I’ve met too many people who have complained about being too busy because of an internship.  Learn how to realize that this was an opportunity of a lifetime.  It put you that much closer to your goals (this Summer, I’m thanking Love Twenty!).

Do you have a busy life?  How do you cope?  Share your thoughts below!