Women cry.  And we cry over the littlest things.  For instance: It’s time to apply for graduation, which should be the happiest time in a college girl’s life.  But doing it makes you want to cry.  It’s also time to look for a big girl job, but the stress of it, well, makes you upset and bawl your eyes out.

So, why do we cry?  Well, we cry for several reasons.  Should we be embarrassed to cry?  Absolutely not.  Over the past few years, researchers have found many reasons to believe that crying is a healthy aspect in our human lives.  Crying is good in psychological, physiological, and spiritual terms.  And, as hormonally driven college women, we’re a little more prone to stressors that activate our crying senses.  Here’s why it’s more than OK to cry in public or by your lonesome:

Tears release stress from the body.  While you might not believe this to be true, it is.  When we cry, we release chemicals from our body that we feel when we’re stressed.  Think of it in terms of when we sweat – our body releases chemicals then, too, and we feel better afterward.  So, your one-night-stand won’t call you back?  Go on and cry about it to yourself, your friends, or in a public place you know he will be.  At least you won’t be feeling stressed anymore.

Suppressing your tears will not make your stress go away, but it will make it come back in large numbers later.  So, overall, don’t do this!  I’ve met too many people who bottle up their feelings because they’re embarrassed to cry.  Don’t be embarrassed about a natural bodily function.  Crying will make you feel good and you know that’s better than bottling it all up inside.  Release those pent-up feelings and openly cry about why Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are the cutest couple ever over The Amazing Spiderman (or about why you love Taylor Swift so much while watching her tour DVD).  We’ve all done it: we won’t judge you.

Crying can lift your spirits (really, I mean it).  According to Jerry Bergman, author of The Miracle of Tears, if our manganese levels are low in our body, we’re less susceptible to feeling stressed, anxious, or irritable.  Crying will lower these levels in our body, therein placing us in a better state of mind.

Crying is completely healthy, so don’t be hesitant to do it once in a while.  Cry about a breakup to your friends.  Cry about the unfair grade you were given in your college class.  Cry about why you have a difficult time opening up to people about your feelings.  I promise, you’ll feel better.

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