I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am and always have been in love with Taylor Swift.  I’m aware that a lot of individuals do not like her as a person.  I’ve come across many people who have said she needs to stop whining about not being in love, writing songs about break-ups and winning every award in the music world.  Well, I’m going to leave these individuals to their opinions and give you, Love Twenty readers, the main reasons why Taylor Swift deserves (and hopes for) love as much as the rest of us. Celebrities need love, too (but really, she just needs some advice).

1. Taylor is 22 going on 23 and doesn’t have any true prospects about what kind of man she wants in her life.  A word of advice, Tay: if you’re a true hopeless romantic, you know that your true love will find you at the most unique time.  Things happen out of nowhere sometimes, but they lead you to greater things.

2. This one is obvious, but if you’re a man interested in Taylor Swift, you better be in it for the long haul or else you’ll have a song written about you.  However, Taylor is not the only music artist to do this (hello, Adele, anyone?), so don’t always take this into account if you’re a man out there who has the chance to get to know her.

3. She’s not afraid to say, “I’m sorry.”  Even if she does point out why other people should apologize to her a lot. She’s human and can admit her faults like the rest of us.

4. Taylor has a genuine spark to her.  She lights up at the slightest things in life, especially kittens, good friends and for Starbucks.  Why wouldn’t someone who is so excited about life deserve someone to love her?  And, why wouldn’t you want to fill your life with someone like this?

5. Lastly, Taylor has had her heart broken in the public eye for years.  It’s time that she finds someone who isn’t a mega-celebrity who will treat her like the princess she is.  If Kim Kardashian can find “love”, why can’t Taylor Swift?

Thoughts about this?  Leave a comment below!