The Emmy Awards elebrates excellence in television of all kinds — acting, screenwriting, producing — but what’s more is that the Emmys gives an official kick-start to awards season and we all know what that means….

Amy Poehler in Stella McCartney

Starting off the rundown with the absolutely fabulous, we have Amy Poehler (post-breakup and post-makeover, apparently) looking just stunning in this cleavage-bearing number. The sequins are amazing, the skin is amazing, she is amazing. While she (quite unfairly, in my opinion) didn’t win an Emmy that evening, she definitely won on the Red Carpet. Although we gotta give this woman some Spanx. Someone make a note.

Ariel Winter in Katharine Kidd, Brian Atwood Shoes, Meira T Jewels

How old is this girl again?! Oh, right. She’s 14, people. She looks absolutely perfect in this gown. It’s age appropriate, the colors and cut are soft and beautiful, and facially she is outstanding. Perfection, as usual, from Ariel!

Christina Hendricks in Christian Siriano

I’m not beginning this by saying I like the dress, but everything under that hideous belt is amazing. Maybe even belt-included. Her body just looks so good. But then your eyes flicker past the amazing curves up to her bust and it’s just a mess! The dress absolutely did not need that extra gathering of fabric on her hips in order to make that little draping detail on the left hip, nor did there need to be such an excess of fabric from the unflattering bust-ruching. You know what, though? Christina seems to have such a hard time dressing for the Red Carpet and at least here she finally looks a bit more put together than other times we’ve seen her. (See: purple bird massacre of  Emmys 2010 and follow-up sequin massacre of Emmys 2011.) Despite this design resembling a purse, Christina does look beautiful and you know what? She’s got it and she’s flaunting it and she looks pretty damn good doing it, even if the dress needs to go.

Claire Danes in Lanvin

Since Claire has taken it upon herself to wear the obligatory sheet-as-a-dress, I will now make the obligatory “this dress looks like a bed sheet” comment. This dress looks like a freaking bed sheet and what was she thinking and it looks just terrible. She’s not THAT pregnant yet (the bump is barely even visible) and, honestly, she could’ve done way better. SO unflattering. Weird cut, weird fabric, weird draping. Weird all around.

Emily VanCamp in J. Mendel, Van Cleef and Arpels Jewels

One word: Incredible! The only thing I don’t absolutely love about this look is how messy it looks in her midsection, but honestly the entire dress is amazing — she looks amazing in it and she is gorgeous.

Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhullier, Christian Louboutin Heels, Rona Pfeiffer Jewels, Ferragamo Clutch

Oh, wow. Wow. There is not one single thing in this entire ensemble that I even remotely like, from her hair all the way down to those heels. What is this embroidery?! Why is that belt there?! Why does she always have to give the camera that Lea Michele “look how hot I am” face?! I hate that I can so clearly see the sheer lining of this dress and that the orange of the belt is a different orange than the rest of the dress. It looks like she was wearing a nude dress and someone decorated it with frosting. Also, lighten up your makeup, Ginnifer. It’s 100 degrees outside and even if it weren’t, you’re wearing a bright orange dress. Who thought thick black eye makeup suited this dress?

Glenn Close

So glad we have a dress from the couture section of Michael’s craft store. Legit, this looks like some 5-year-old’s art project gone terribly wrong. Its various pieces of feathers, strips of badly-cut black sheer, and some kind of spiral designed paper. Glenn Close can do so much better, and she often looks amazing, but this is just terrible. One just needs to ask, “Why”?

Hayden Penttiere in Marchesa, Harry Winston Jewels, Judith Leiber Clutch

She looks like Mumbai Barbie. It’s absolutely beautiful and stunning and I love everything about it. The gold dress underneath probably would have been amazing without the glittery purple tulle, but the purple makes it all the more outstanding. Love. If only we could see her shoes!

Heidi Klum in Alexandre Vauthier

She looks like some kind of Greek goddess, right? Except I’m actually not loving this too much. Between her tacky shoes, her too-tan legs, and the high slit and plunging neckline, it just looks too casual and too beachy for this event. The color is right on trend, but it’s just not right. And I’m not loving the Farrah Fawcett hair, either.

January Jones in Zac Posen

This dress is such a difficult call, as are most things January wears on the Red Carpet. She’s very risky and sometimes she wears things too out there to even comment on (kinda like Lady Gaga). I love, love, love the skirt of this dress. It’s so unique and so cool, but at the same time, I hate the bandage midsection and bust and I double hate the tightly wound hair and Black Swan look alike makeup. January always takes risks, but this one didn’t exactly pay off.

Julia Louis Dreyfuss in Vera Wang, Irene Neuwirth Jewels

To begin, the color of this dress is amazing and totally on trend. Love! She looks beautiful. However, the mesh crossover from her hips to her shoulders is just weird and I kind of hate it. Without the mesh and with bare shoulders, this dress would’ve been an absolute ten. I don’t love this dress, but she still looks great.

Julianne Hough in Georges Hobeika Couture

This dress is absolutely outstanding. What a stunner. It’s glitzy, it’s bright, it’s beautiful. It fits her like a dream and she looks absolutely amazing. My only problem with the whole ensemble is her somewhat frumpy hair. It definitely needed to be in either a different style or done up tighter. All in all, however, a definite Red Carpet win for Julianne. (And it better be, because her man, Ryan Seacrest, was hosting it!)

Julianne Moore in Christian Dior, Fred Leighton Jewels

Enough yellow! There was entirely too much on this Red Carpet and, frankly, I’m just sick of it (even though yellow is my favorite color, ironically). This dress was taking over her and it was too big — especially with long sleeves and a high collar. Lena Headey wore a similar dress at last year’s Emmys in black and completely pulled it off, but this is all wrong for Julianne. Plus it kind of looks like she has a shirt tucked into a high-waisted skirt. Hate everything about this.

Julie Bowen in Monique Lhullier, Jimmy Choo Heels, Bochic Jewels

I am so happy right now. Julie Bowen has the absolute worst Red Carpet style (save for maybe Chloe Sevigny — maybe) and she looks so fabulous here. Despite the lime/highlighter/radioactive vomit color of this dress, the silhouette is gorgeous and she looks so chic. I love that her hair is pulled away from her face but still down and I double love that she left her neck bare. So good. So happy for Julie.

Kaley Cuoco in Angel Sanchez

Wow. Has a dress ever been this meh before? Even the peplum looks unenthused to be on this dress. The little sparkle that’s on this dress is too demure and muted and her hair is just a mess. No accessories, makeup is barely there, dress is definitely nothing special. Better luck next time, Kaley.

Kat Dennings 

One wrong move and we’re gonna have two more Broke Girls on the carpet. (Get it?!) Because this dress is insanely low and barely holding those Golden Globes up! Oh, wrong awards show. Besides from the too low-cut and too-low bodice of this dress, she looks amazing and the color is stunning with her complexion. She looks gorgeous and her hair is fabulous. Amazing.

Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen

Hee. The dress matches her hair. Kelly looks outstanding. I’m pretty sure she was the only one on the carpet wearing this hue and her body looks insane in this silhouette. So glamorous, so chic. I love everything about this!

Kristen Wiig in Balenciaga, Juidth Leiber Heels

OK, I actually seriously love this look. Her dark hair is an amazing contrast to the barely-there color of this dress and I love that she chose such simple shoes to pair with it. The dress itself is beautiful and while a tea-length halter may sound casual, the detailing of this dress is out of this world. She looks absolutely gorgeous. Finally!

Lena Dunham in Prada

OK Lena, we get it. You’re from New York and you write Girls and you’re very indie and alternative and all that. That doesn’t mean you have to wear this abomination. I’m sure there are people who will be absolutely smitten with this dress and will be even more smitten with Lena because she’s wearing it. I, however, hate it. It’s too dark, too heavy, and way too unflattering. Her hair’s okay, but her eye makeup is way too severe, especially considering how severe this dress already is. Maybe next time, Lena. As of right now, your Red Carpet style is a train wreck.

Leslie Mann in Naeem Khan, Lorraine Schwartz Jewels

I actually really like this. You’d think I would hate this, you’d think I would tear it apart for having a separate bottom and top half, you’d think I’d make a joke about the top looking like crochet. But I really like it. I love the turquoise jewelry with color of this dress, and Leslie’s style is so quirky anyway. This is awesome.

Lucy Liu in Versace

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the rumors that the Tin Man had plastic surgery are all completely true. Besides from this dress being made out of what looks like very uncomfortable steel, Lucy is pulling it off gorgeously. The dress itself is such a standout piece, and not only is her body perfect for it, but her casual pony and lack of flashy accessories are the perfect accents. Amazing.

Martha Plimpton

Wow. Could this be more awful? Probably, but she’d sure have to try at making it worse. First of all, the dress is unattractive to begin with. It looks cheap and looks like it was made from Walmart lingerie castoffs. The fit is all wrong for her, the style is all wrong for her, and her hair needs to go. Downright unflattering and ugly. Such a disappointment, especially since she looked so outstanding last year.

Melissa McCarthy in Daniella Pearl

I truly do love Melissa McCarthy. This dress is so perfect for her and the detailing is just so pretty. Granted, a thinner belt probably would have been a bit more flattering, but this dress looks awesome on her and I adore it. Having now said that, does anyone else want Melissa to take a note or two from Octavia Spencer and Tadashi Shoji?

Morena Baccarin

An absolute knockout. Love the color, love the deep V, love the simple accessories. I love everything about this and Morena is absolutely stunning. End of story.

Nicole Kidman in Antonio Berardi, Christian Louboutin Heels

Seriously, this looks like some kid was making tile art and got tired halfway through. What was she thinking? This dress is hideous, it’s the wrong length, and the shoes are awful. I normally hate what Nicole wears on the Red Carpet, but this one takes the cake. Truly one of the worst-dressed of the evening.

Sarah Hyland in Marchesa

Normally I hate Sarah Hyland’s Red Carpet choices, but this look is a total knockout! Her hair is gorgeous, the color is amazing, and the dress is perfect. The detailing at the top is so, so pretty and the draping of the dress and the whole silhouette just looks fabulous on her. Also loving the sweet sparkly purse!

Sofia Vergara in Zuhair Murad, Neil Lane Diamond Hollywood Jewels

DAYUM. This. Is. Amazing. To begin, Sofia is officially my best-dressed of the night. Although she usually wears a similar silhouette, she knows what works for her body and it never gets boring. I love the halter type straps and I love the shimmer and sparkle of the dress, especially in this color. Her hair and makeup look equally as fab as well. Outstanding. And by the way, Kat Dennings, THIS is how you work with big boobs. Divide and conquer — seriously.

Tina Fey in Vivienne Westwood

Tina Fey, much like Sofia Vergara, knows what works for her. She knows what she likes to wear on the Red Carpet and that’s what she wears. This dress is no exception. Tina’s got her hair pulled back and is wearing a classic strapless, monochrome gown. However, I have to say that she looks absolutely beautiful. The dress is simple but gorgeous, with the totally on-trend baroque detailing at the bust, and she’s obviously not scared of showing a little skin. Perfect fit, perfect length, perfect perfect perfect. One of the best dressed of the evening. My only note is that I think I see tan lines and that is never ever OK on the Red Carpet.

Zooey Deschanel in Reem Acra

Just give her a wand and she could turn this dress into a pumpkin… or into a different dress, which is probably what she should have worn. The top is OK, but the explosion of tissue paper for the skirt, in a color that’s not all too flattering with her skin tone, ruins any chance this dress could have had. She’s also wearing no accessories and I’m personally past being sick of those bangs. Now they just piss me off. She looks like a Disney princess and I keep having to remind myself that she’s 32. On a positive note, it’s nice to know that Reem Acra designs more than sparkly dresses for Taylor Swift.

Who’s your best and worst-dressed? Tell us in the comments below!