When it comes to taking on the most abstract and dynamic of roles, actress Kate Hudson proves to be a goddess with every character she commits to. For those who haven’t seen her dramatic debut in the infamous How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Hudson takes on the personality of eager journalist Andie Anderson as the “How-To” girl for a rapidly growing magazine in the heart of New York City.

After a miscommunicated article pitch, Andie finds herself dating a guy with determination to drive him away, using the “mistakes every girl makes” and doing all things guys, in theory, are meant to loathe. So, following in the queen’s footsteps,  instead of another ritualistic article preaching how girls can work to keep our relationships stable and satisfying, let’s take an inverse lesson from Kate herself, and learn exactly how to send them running.

Clingy, needy, and whiny. Now it may be just a hunch, but he probably doesn’t want to receive a phone call at 3 in the morning listening to you relay everything you had to eat that day. Requesting to see him every night and then getting emotional when he seems less-than-thrilled after you’ve cut into his plans? That’s a no-go as well. And please girls, for the sake of keeping our reputation as saint-like as possible, minimize most of your vent sessions for your girlfriends. Hearing you complain about work, school, and various aspects of your social life on a constant basis is going to give the impression that you’re not only high-maintenance, but hard to handle.

No scrapbooks with photo-shopped baby pictures. Depending on how long you’ve been with each other, discussions of your future together are to be expected. But planning little Benny Jr.’s childhood and picking out curtains before the question has been popped? Most likely the quickest way to make him rethink his commitment. Many guys don’t anticipate thinking long-term, and the thought that you’ve already planned their life out for them? Not the biggest fans of that.

DO NOT Name his “member.” This one goes without explanation. Keep the words “princess” and “Sophia” off his man-territory.

Leave poker night alone. Wanting the acceptance of his friends is one thing, but interrupting — or even dictating — when he can and cannot hang out with his friends is a sure-fire way to send him into rage mode. After all, if he’s having guys night anyway, that leaves your night free to see your girls! Split your time evenly, and don’t force him to feel like you’re an obligation rather than a desire.

Don’t be a one-woman circus. As women, we’re entitled to our fair amount of mood swings, breakdowns, temper tantrums, petty-instigated arguments — you name it. But when you adapt more personalities than Nicki Minaj, sending him for a loop, he begins to question who he’s really with. Don’t make him doubt his feelings for you by making him wonder who the woman currently throwing his dishes around the apartment screaming something about a dead “love fern” is, and what happened to the sexy, intelligent, easy-going girl he thought he was with.

The drill is easy to maintain: Simply keep a fair amount of distance with each other and stay rational. With a bit of luck (and solid effort, because that’s what any relationship requires), the work to stay steady is made a little bit easier. Just take it from Kate.

Oh, and for the record, Celine Dion concerts probably aren’t on his top-ten list of things to share with you, either. Sorry to disappoint.