Bunny Slippers is a charming website, dedicated to bringing you the best variety of slippers on the web. They have the Classic Bunny Slippers along with animal slippers, cartoon character inspired slippers,and children slippers. They also sell corresponding products on their website, such as towels and socks.

These slippers are soft, fluffy, and huge! They add a whimsical touch to your life, that brings back memories of your childhood wear after wear.

Classic Bunny Slippers: $29.95

In terms of size, the Classic Bunny Slippers are a good size. They are slightly bigger than your average slipper and made of fluffy acrylic bunny body and a soft polyester terry footbed. They have a white dotted grip along the bottom of the slipper which is great if you have hardwood floors.

Fuzzy Caramel Bear Slippers: $24.95

For the Fuzzy Caramel Bear Slippers, I was truly awed at the softness of the slippers. They are actually made of faux fur with a black grip along the bottom. To date, I have had no problems with shedding. They are warm and cozy, making them a playful essential for the upcoming cold months. These are my particular favorites, simply because the bear is too cute!

I was briefly worried about staining and cleaning the slippers since the Classic Bunny Slippers have a tendency to attract dust, however, I found a great tutorial on the main website on how to take care of the slippers and keep them looking brand new. Definitely no longer a problem.

Overall, I have had a lovely experience with the slippers. Every time I slip into them, they bring back beautiful memories of my childhood.

Want some slippers of your own? Head over to Bunny Slippers to pick up a pair! Also, be sure to check out their Facebook for updates.