You meet a cute guy and you hit it off instantly. He asks for your number and you walk away feeling like something great is about to happen. After a few days, he finally texts you, you respond, and wait, and wait…and wait for his response. After he finally responds and you get to talking more often, you realize that you spend more time anxiously hoping he will text you back than actually talking to him.

An inconsistent texter can drive us crazy. We’re left asking ourselves lots of unnecessary questions and over-thinking every last move. Should you text him again? Is he ignoring you? Did you say something wrong? Did he dislike your joke about Justin Bieber? Did he lose his phone rock climbing? Does he even rock climb?

Whether a guy is intentionally trying to play games with you or he is just doesn’t realize what he’s doing, he’s confusing you. But guess what ladies; you can take back the control. You can play his questionable texting games right back. You don’t have to be the one hanging on to his every last emoji.

For arguments sake, let’s pretend that texting is like real-life interaction. Would you really want to date someone who only talks to you every four days yet you see him all the time? No. You’d feel ignored, confused, and upset. With texting, you have access to each other basically all the time, so it doesn’t make sense to be inconsistent.

So how do you deal with this kind of behavior? Don’t keep concerning yourself with what he’s doing or why he’s not talking to you. He could be doing it intentionally, but he could also not be, so it’s important to not jump to conclusions and get upset.

Instead, take things old school. In movies, the girl goes about her daily life and doesn’t care about the guy who is after her. And while the guy has plenty of lovely women flocking to him, he can’t seem to get the submissive girl out of his head. Basically, be the irresistible mystery. Make him want you without even trying.

If you stop texting him first all the time and responding back immediately, he will develop a genuine curiosity toward you. He will want to know what you’re up to – and probably why you’re not talking to him – because you aren’t sending him daily novel-long agendas.

Also, please quit abiding by silly texting rules, like texting him in approximately half the time that it takes him to text you back. Instead, respond whenever, but don’t make it a huge priority if he’s a wishy-washy texter. Also, pay attention to the length of your texts. Too little might make him think you’re uninterested, but too much is going overboard. Try one or two simple sentences per text instead.

Avoid too many emoticons as well. Simple smiley faces are always good to use if you really want to insert an emoticon, but don’t go crazy with them.

Don’t try to be a mystery if he’s upfront with how he feels and you feel confident in the relationship, and see him regularly. But if you feel like he is playing texting games, you can definitely play his game right back. You can make him want you.