Lately I’ve fallen into this little sad hole called loneliness.  Some people find this isolating world when their friends graduate from college, find jobs, become consumed with relationships, and ultimately enter the fast-pace life of “real grown-ups” and abandon their 20-something ways.  Or a breakup can also have you alone sitting at home in your PJs facing a plate full of bad, greasy decisions. The growth of social media can also be the one to blame for all the lonely hearts out there; we would rather sit at home on Facebook “liking” our friend’s new haircut than admiring it in person over lunch. Whatever the reason, loneliness can affect anyone at any stage of life.

How can we combat this mighty foe? Well whenever I get lonely, I like to treat myself how I would want my friends to treat me if I had any; I sort of start dating myself and really try to fall in love with who I am. Here are a few fun suggestions of things I have done in the past to focus my energy on loving myself and not missing my old, active social life:

1. Eat at a restaurant alone: I never realized how much of the “food experience” I was missing out on when I ate with friends.  I don’t really get to enjoy what I put in my mouth because I’m usually to busy scarfing down the next bite in order to chime into my friends’ latest news. Eating alone gives me the opportunity to relax and take in the culinary experience before my eyes.

2. Join Tumblr: Or Instagram would work just fine. Tumblr and Instagram are great places to get lost. I’m not familiar with Instagram, but I know with Tumblr you create your own world of all the things that make you smile. Want to know how to chase away the lonesome blues? Tumble please.

3. Write out your dream date with yourself: Create a list of things you want to do by yourself, and actually do them.  Maybe you can get around to that goal of writing for your favorite online magazine (wink, wink!).  Whatever you usually say to yourself when the thought “if only I had the time to do this” comes to mind, now is the perfect time to accomplish those goals and dreams.

Those are only a few things I have tried so far, but I know there are tons of ways to cure loneliness.

What are your ideas? Share in the comments below!