College is a time for learning things about yourself, meeting lifelong friends, and most of all, figuring out what the heck you’re shelling out all this money for. It can be difficult to decipher what you truly want to do aside from what outside influences feel that you should do. Sadly, there are a few of us who weren’t born knowing we will grace the hallways of some prestigious medical center or touch the lives of little kids.

A good bit of us are often confused and end up wasting time majoring in things that never interested us anyway. Unless you’re the spawn of a line of doctors or entrepreneurs, you will spend time deciding what major is right for you.This time can result in you becoming a professional student, and let’s face it — college is too expensive for that. The sooner you figure out what you’re meant to be, the better. You can start affiliating yourself with organizations akin to your major, interning, and your grades will often be better.

Here are a few tips for the dazed and confused:

1. Do your research. Be open-minded and research an array of careers to see which one is your “thing.”

2. Shut off opinions. While it is helpful to have your family’s opinion on what your calling is, it may not be YOUR calling. You have to distinguish between the two.

3. Accept the trial and error period. I have had many of these. Actually, I think I’m banned from the registrar’s office. I have changed advisors like I change my undies, but I finally know my place in this huge world.

4. Find your passion. What can you see yourself putting your heart into for the rest of your life regardless of the pay? What makes you excited? What are you best at? Finding out the answers to these questions are sure to help you decide what major is best for you.

Are you still trying to decide what your calling is?