Sex toys continue to grow in popularity every year — they’ve moved away from their once taboo association and can now be found in most bedside drawers. In fact, it’s reported that 1 in every 2 women owns one or at least did at some time. But whether you’re the seasoned pro or the novice in that equation, it’s important that you have some crucial sex toy knowledge under your belt. Follow these tips to ensure your safety and long lasting satisfaction.

Buy body safe materials: When buying sex toys, it’s imperative that you buy body safe materials, otherwise you are putting yourself at risk for infection. To do this, you’ll want to avoid any toys that contain PVC, non-medical grade silicone, jelly rubber and skin-like materials. All of these materials have a high porosity, which will cause bacteria to build up over time. You should also avoid anything that has phthalates listed on the packaging. This is a chemical used to soften plastic sex toys. It tends to break down inside of the toy and have an outgasing effect, which is detrimental to you and your toy. Safe toy materials include: elastomer, hard plastic, glass, stainless steel and medical grade silicone.

Clean your sex toys: Keeping your toy clean is an important step in sex toy maintenance. You should always clean your toys before and after use. This will keep you protected from infection as well as prolong the life of your toy. Glass, stainless steel and battery-less medical grade silicone can be put in the dishwasher or submerged in water. Toys with battery components or that are made from hard plastic should be cleaned with toy cleaner. You should also always clean them before sharing with your partner or if you’re going from front to back.

Always remove your batteries: Batteries can get expensive and you’ll find yourself replacing them often if you didn’t get a rechargeable toy. Removing them after each use will help preserve the life of the battery and keep your toy safe from battery leaking.

Check your lube bottles: If you plan on using lube with your toys, make sure it’s water-based. Oil-based lubes should always be avoided by women because it can cause infections. Silicone-based lubes are safe, but they can break down the material in your sex toys as well as break down condoms. Play it safe and stick with water-based.

Splurge when you can: Dropping a lot of money on a vibrator may not always be your first instinct, but it will pay off in the end. You’re in for a treat if you can afford to get a luxury toy. Luxury toys are made to last, are rechargeable, are body safe, come with lots of options and most importantly, are ergonomically designed. Each luxury sex toy is researched extensively and designed with a women’s body in mind, ensuring that you get there every time.

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