Whether you plan on dressing up as a vampire or a hippie, there are very few things that are more fun than going all out on Halloween. And let’s face it — who doesn’t love going crazy with makeup? The common Halloween makeup brands (you know, the quads of clown-like colors you see next to the costumes at Walmart) are notorious for causing you to break out and are bound to leave you rubbing and scrubbing at your face when the night’s festivities come to an end. Instead of purchasing thick face paint, go with a cleaner, smoother and fresher look.

For face makeup, try an inexpensive powder, such as the pressed powders from ELF. Go for a powder or foundation that is a shade or two lighter or darker (depending on your costume).

Lighter Colors:

  • Vampires
  • Geishas
  • Mimes
  • Disney Princesses

Darker Colors:

  • Jersey Shore Cast (duh)

If your Halloween get-up calls for crazy eyelashes, you have two main options: fake eye lashes or a lot of mascara. When you’re using falsies, you have to be careful because things can get sticky (literally). If you’re a no-glue, DIY kind of girl, applying several coats of mascara can often have the same effect as fake eyelashes.

Any outfit can go from drab to fab with fun, colorful eyeliner. Green can be used to make a military outfit fun, and multicolored eyeliners can add a new dimension to almost any outfit.

When it comes to lips, whether you’re dressing up as a sailor or a vampire, lip stain (Try the “Just Bitten” line by Revlon!) always creates an awesome look. It’s less messy and sticky than lip gloss and lipstick and will stay on throughout the night, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Whether you’re going for scary or scandalous this Halloween, remember — you don’t have to go the cliché makeup route. There are so many options! Just be creative and you’ll be sure to have a look people can’t help but remember.