Fighting with your friend is always a terrible thing to experience, but fighting in cyber space is even worse. I should know.  I recently had a fight with my friend over Facebook and it was a drama explosion of insanity! Maybe her passive-aggressive YOLO statuses she kept updating while she was spazing out on me was what intensified the argument.  Maybe she suddenly developed a superman complex and felt she needed to correct me, karate-chopping me through her chat box included with offensive emoticons.

Whatever the case was, I believe the fight was 10 times worse because it was over the Internet.  The Internet dehumanizes the participants in the fight.  Arguing behind a computer screen allows you to say whatever you want without having the responsibility to deal with the other person’s emotions. In my opinion, it’s a terrible way to communicate.

My word of advice for anyone who has yet to experience a social media brawl–just don’t.  Resist the urge to combat with keystrokes.  This type of dueling leads to a great deal of miscommunication, which further complicates matters.  And remember–your words can cut like a sword, so control yourself and be cautious of what you type or you may be deleted from your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend’s life.

Have you ever had an online brawl?