This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Never Grow Up (NGU) event in L.A. for Love Twenty. Never Grow Up was hosted by both As U Wish and Lily White, and was held at BOXeight studios. NGU was a combination of just about all of my favorite things, including candy, an open bar, music, clothes, makeup, nail polish and a photo booth (who doesn’t love a good photo booth?).

On top of As U Wish and Lily White sponsoring the event, Buzznet, Propr, Black Banditz and LA Canvas were also involved. I made sure to make the most of the event by trying out everything I could.

My two favorite things at the party were the photo booth (which I took complete advantage of) and the candy bar. Yes, I said CANDY BAR. Dove chocolates, jelly beans, sweet hearts, cupcakes, lollipops and rock candy. My inner eight-year-old was drooling and my 21-year-old self took full advantage.

To satisfy said 21-year-old self, they had an open bar. The house drink was a vodka cocktail mixed with Diabolo (dragon fruit flavor). Diabolo is a carbonated juice drink that actually tasted pretty good. I’m usually pretty skeptical about carbonated juices, but this one passed my taste test with “sweet, but not cotton candy sweet.”

One of the staff members for the event (thanks Rachel!) took my friend and I through the clothing boutique to check out some of the clothes they had on site for As U Wish and Lily White. To keep this short and sweet, I loved all of the clothes. It was right in my style wheelhouse. Very cute, flowy clothes that could go from casual to party attire, with everything from shirts to skirts to dresses. Here are a few pieces I took home. (Total score on a new LBD!)

(Skirt: Lily White; Dress: As U Wish; Shirt: Lily White)

There were a few musical performances, most notably Sirah, who was awesome. Unfortunately, I didn’t venture outside too much because it was pretty chilly for an L.A. night. Plus, the candy bar kept beckoning me back with jelly beans.

Never Grow Up was also sweet enough to send me and my friend home with a swag bag filled with Coco CafeDiaboloNYX makeup, and a lovely snack bag of pretzels for the ride home.

Some celebs spotted at the party: Travis Clark from We The Kings and YouTubers Megan and Liz. I really wanted to ask Travis how he got so much volume in his hair, but I made myself resist.

Overall, I had a great time. The combo of music, photo booth, clothes and candy made me a very happy girl. Thanks again to As U Wish and Lily White for my new clothes! Can’t wait to wear them, twirl around and show them off.

Check out Love Twenty’s Instagram later tonight for more pictures of the event!