Although it would be nice to bring everything we own, it’s unrealistic to be hauling around more than the basics. Whether you carry a backpack or a bag, we all find ourselves running into those instances where we wish we would’ve brought a certain item. So here’s a compiled list of some of the things you may or may not already have in your bag; alter the list to fit your needs!

Cash: It’s always a good idea to keep some cash on hand with you, usually around $10-20. Just in case you forget your credit card or you’re making a purchase somewhere that only accepts cash (you know, for those drunken night munchies!), you’ll have just enough money to get you by for the night.

Lip Balm: No one likes chapped lips and it’s better to prevent them before they get even worse.

Gum/Mints: Likewise with the chapped lips, no one likes to have bad breath either.

Band-Aids: You never know if you’re going to get a paper cut or if your new heels are going to give you blisters, so it’s best to have one or two bandages always on hand with you.

Tissues: Having a runny nose is a nuisance and you don’t want to be the one in class that people always glare at because you keep sniffling.

Hand Sanitizer: Everyone likes to have germ-free hands.

Eye Drops: For those of us who wear contacts or have dry eyes, you already know that eye drops are a must-have!

Painkillers: For the time of the month or just in case of headaches.

Tampons/Pads: This one’s a given.

Pepper Spray: It’s always better to be prepared and have some source of self-defense, especially if you’re often walking alone.

Blotting Powder: We all have those days that seem to never end, and although we are suffering on the inside, we don’t have to show it on the outside. Blotting powder is great to have on hand to freshen up your makeup, especially on those long days.

Image Source | We Heart It

What else do you carry around in your bag? Let us know in the comments below!