If your dream job is working in media, or you’re just a pop culture fanatic, you might want to consider a career in the magazine industry. Most magazines and their counterpart websites offer semester-long internships year round, and are a crucial stepping stone in getting your foot in the door. Many companies often hire interns after graduation who made an impression (in a good way!) and were memorable during the internship. Have you landed your dream internship and have a few concerns? No worries — we’ve heard them all and here at Love Twenty we have you covered!

“What do I wear?”

To impress at a magazine, it’s always best to stay fashion-forward. Being up-to-date on trends is essential in this industry, especially if you’re working at a fashion or women’s publication. When in doubt, it’s always a solid choice to rock a neutral dress with bold accessories. Seafoam is having a moment right now, so pair your favorite black dress with a chunky seafoam colored necklace and killer pumps and you’ll look like you own the place! On a budget? Stores like H&M and Forever 21 carry fabulous choices to match any budget.

“I’ve made a mistake. How do I fix it?”

First, it’s important to acknowledge that, as an intern, you make plenty of mistakes and mix-ups. An editor usually will understand, as long as you take responsibility for the error. Avoid blaming others and be sincere in your apology. Trust me, we’ve all had blunders as interns. The next step is to take every action to solve the problem in the most efficient way possible. If you’ve forgotten to mail an important package, call UPS and see if they can overnight it for you. If your internship is in a city, a messenger service will be your best bet. If your recorder didn’t record an interview, contact that person immediately, explain your situation, and ask if you could have a 10 minute make-up interview. Take notes this time!

“How do I get them to notice me?”

Being an intern is very precarious because you must not come off as overconfident, but you also need to stand out. In the beginning, start small. If you have any downtime, ask your editor if you can work on anything. If not, find something. Reach out to the web team to ask if you can write any articles. This will show initiative, and give you great clips for your portfolio. Once you get comfortable in your role as an intern, ask around the office if anyone would want to grab coffee or a quick bite. Networking is key in securing a name for yourself within the company.

Stick to these three tips and you’ll be a rockstar intern in no time! You may even score a job after your internship.

Have any more tricks? Sound off in the comments section below!