The 85th annual Academy Awards, which have been officially re-branded as The Oscars (as if we didn’t all call it that anyway!) took place this year on February 24. The show was long and host Seth MacFarlane was pretty funny (and offensive?), but let’s be honest — aside from about four awards, we were all just watching to see the stars and starlets bring out the big guns on the Red Carpet. This is the ultimate award show — the one we’ve been waiting all year to see. Check out which celebs looked amazing and which celebs looked simply atrocious!

 Adele in a Jenny Packham dress and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry

As usual, Adele arrived on the Red Carpet looking classy and utterly beautiful. I love everything about this look, from head to toe. The hair and makeup are beautiful (she stuck with her usual look, but it works insanely well on her). The dress, while familiarly modest and black, looks absolutely stunning on her. Another win for Red Carpet queen, Adele.

Amanda Seyfried in an Alexander McQueen gown, Roger Vivier shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz jewels

In a surprisingly neutral and muted — but nonetheless stunning — Alexander McQueen gown, Amanda Seyfried is one of my best dressed of the night. This dress isn’t flashy or loud, but it still stands out. It was custom made to fit her and she looks lovely in it. I love the pulled back hair kept loose. The fresh, dewy make up matches the refreshing look and color of the dress. Absolutely gorgeous.

Amy Adams in an Oscar de la Renta gown and Mouawad jewelry

I have to say, I’m not loving this look on Amy. Actually, I’m kind of hating it. Her hair and makeup are perfectly fine, but the color, silhouette, and general design of the gown are all underwhelming to me. This is such a typical ball gown (and one that’s pretty similar to the mint-green Romona Keveza Kaley Cuoco wore to the 2012 SAG Awards). This is a look I hate on Amy. She already has the pale skin, strawberry blonde hair, and adorable face. This look is just too precious for her. The texture of the bodice and the ruffles clash with each other and don’t work very well on their own, either. All in all, huge miss for me.

Anne Hathaway in Prada, Tiffany’s jewelry 

I know this look has been polarizing, but I can’t fathom why! Yes, Anne is sporting the origami boob (which have been making quite an appearance everywhere lately) and yes, the front of the dress looks a bit ill-fitting (although she does need some room to sit down in it!), but I can’t stop obsessing over this dress. I love love love her make up and newly feminine looking hair. I am absolutely in love with the back of this dress. From the slit which exposes her gorgeous heels, to the strappy skin-revealing ties and the hanging Tiffany’s necklace, this look is a winner all the way. A dress to match the woman! Simply beautiful.

Catherina Zeta-Jones in a Zuhair Murad dress and Lorraine Schwartz jewels

Although I feel that this dress would be better suited to a show like the Grammys, there’s no denying that Catherine is beautiful in this. The dress itself is gorgeous in it’s color, silhouette, and detailing. Yes, it is a bit flashy and seems to be shouting for attention, but Catherine is glowing. A bit surprising, but one of the more memorable looks from the night. Definitely best dressed for me.

Charlize Theron in a Christian Dior Haute Couture dress, Roger Vivier shoes, and Harry Winston jewelry

Simple, elegant, understated and completely perfect. While some were comparing this to Anne Hathaway’s Golden Globes gown, I could not find the two more different. This not only fits Charlize worlds better, showing off her amazing body, but Charlize looks ten times more elegant and put-together than Anne did in her similar gown. The detailed embellishment on the peplum of this angelic column dress is absolutely gorgeous and eye-catching, providing just enough of a glam factor for this ensemble. The simplistic jewelry and, yes, the gorgeous new hair fit this look perfectly. I can’t say I absolute love Charlize’s new ‘do, but she’s so gorgeous that she could literally pull off being bald. My personal best dressed of the entire evening!

Halle Berry in Marchesa

What a comeback! After the beach sarong she wore to the Golden Globes, I had all but lost faith in dear Halle’s Red Carpet style. This James Bond-inspired gown is absolutely a stunner! The ageless and always glowing Halle looks beautiful and the dress is incredible! Fierce, sparkly, vintage-looking, but oh-so-modern and just edgy, without being over the top. I’m pretty sure this dress grants Halle immunity from Red Carpet critique forever. Halle completely knocked this out of the park. I could go on and on, but there’s only so many synonyms for the words ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Helen Hunt in an H&M gown and Martin Katz jewelry

Wow. I cannot get over how great Helen Hunt looks. Another celebrity that has barely aged. This entire ensemble is absolutely stunning. Elegant, sophisticated, age-appropriate. The old-Hollywood looking hair completely suits the gorgeous rocks around her neck and this classically elegant gown. The color is great on her, as well. All in all, a definite Red Carpet winner.

Jane Fonda in Versace

Okay, how old is this woman again? She must be, like, late fifties at the oldest. No? Early sixties? Oh, right, she’s seventy-freaking-five! This dress, with its glam bodice and bold color, would be better suited for the Grammys — but there is no denying that Ms. Jane Fonda looks absolutely fabulous.

Jennifer Aniston in a Valentino gown, Salvatore Ferragamo clutch and Fred Leighton jewels

Um, is this the best we have seen Jennifer Aniston looking at an awards show in awhile? Aside from the fact that Jennifer always looking amazing, the answer to that question is a definite “yes.” This actual gown is such a departure from Jen’s usual simple looks. She accomplishes wearing a different silhouette and still incorporating her classic simplistic style. Her hair is stick straight (a Jen Aniston trademark) and the dress, despite being a gown, is still strikingly simple in color and design. Jennifer also kept her accessories simple, opting out a necklace. I absolutely love how Jennifer Aniston looks and I couldn’t be more thrilled that I don’t have to hate on Jen (for her fashion, at least)!

Jennifer Garner in a Gucci dress, Neil Lane jewelry and a Roger Vivier clutch

Continuing her streak of looking absolutely amazing (see? There just aren’t enough adjectives!) on the Red Carpet, Jennifer Garner has blown me away yet again. Her hair and make up are young, fresh and dewy (not that she needs makeup to look beautiful), and the gown is incredible. So simple and demure from the front and just an explosion of fabric from the back. While this may come off like an unfinished attempt on Project Runway, I find it to have an incredibly haute-couture look that is absolutely gorgeous. It takes a special person to pull off a gown like this and I think Jennifer is doing one hell of a job. Wow wow WOW is all I have left to say!

Jennifer Hudson in a Roberto Cavalli Couture dress, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, a Jimmy Choo clutch, and Sutra jewelry

Again, I must say this is yet another dress better suited for the Grammys. While Jennifer certainly looks great (with body by Weight Watchers), and the animal print design is very on-point with the recent Fashion Week trends, I don’t love this for this particular red carpet. It’s not sophisticated enough and it’s certainly not elegant enough, either. Yes, Jennifer looks great, but it seems as though she’s dressing for a different event. All in all, not a great look for me.

Jennifer Lawrence in a Dior Haute Coutre dress, Roger Vivier Clutch, Chopard Jewelery

There’s always one dress that I go back and forth on from the minute I see it. The good of this dress is that Jennifer looks unsurprisingly beautiful. Her hair and makeup are stunning and the dress is elegant, unique and glamorous without being gaudy. The bad of it is that, well, I just don’t absolutely love anything that’s going on. My first thought was that she looked like one of those Barbie cakes, where there’s a doll on top and her skirt is the cake. However, flip-flopping yet again on this look, I’ve come to the conclusion that while I wish she’d worn something similar to her show-stopping 2011 Oscars dress that screamed newcomer, this look definitively says that she’s a glittering star. That I can’t help but love.

Jessica Chastain in an Armani Prive dress, Christian Louboutin heels, and Harry Winston jewels

First things first, Jessica comes seriously close to taking Charlize’s place as my best dressed. Jessica looks…well, absolutely amazing! Her hair and makeup are beautiful — I absolutely love a red lip on Jessica. While she went all out at last year’s Oscars, wearing a bold Alexander McQueen, she toned it down this year and looks even better! The dress is muted but still grabs the eye and it fits her like a dream. I love the silhouette and the subtle detailing in the fit. This is so effortlessly fabulous and glamorous. In fact, I think I’m declaring a tie for my best dressed Red Carpet look. A+ all the way!

Kerry Washington in a Miu Miu dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, Prada bag, Chopard earrings, and a Fred Leighton ring

Okay, Kerry Washington literally looks like a Barbie doll. Her incredibly gorgeous face accomplishes that, but when paired with this sparkly, brightly colored dress it is literally all I can see. Why is she so perfect? It doesn’t matter why. The point is, she is perfection and looks so gorgeous here. The color of the dress is amazing and looks great against her skin tone. While some might say that the bling of the bodice and the bow make this look a bit too precious, I strongly disagree. This is just flashy enough to grab attention, but still be incredibly elegant. She stands out and looks brilliant.

Kristen Stewart in a Reem Acra gown, one Jimmy Choo heel, and Fred Leighton jewels

Poor Kristen. She hobbled onto the red carpet with crutches as her main accessory, proclaiming, “I’m an idiot,” for cutting her foot on glass the night before. Oh, Kristen. How I love you so. It may be that she legitimately looks amazing, or the fact that I may be physically incapable of saying anything bad about this woman, but I absolutely love this look. Her hair is casual and looking very typically Kristen (read: messy and looking slightly…dirty?), but I do love the gown. I’m not absolutely in love with the tulle at the bottom, which I feel to be a bit unnecessary, but I love how she looks. Love this dress, love her! A definite hit for me!

Melissa McCarthy in a David Meister dress

Oh, God help me. What is happening? Really, I’m sincerely asking because I must be missing something if Melissa and whatever stylist she has thought that this dress was a good idea. Melissa is wearing 1950s looking helmet hair which looks just simply atrocious and what looks to be a formal muumuu. I love the shoulder and sleeve embellishments, but the rest of this look is an absolute train wreck. I have genuinely loved Melissa on the Red Carpet in the past (look at her Oscars look from last year and tell me she didn’t look stunning) and this is a huge departure for her. Not only is this dress unflattering, but it’s simply not fancy enough for even the Academy Awards. This is beyond a miss for me…this is like something that missed the mark and then tripped and stumbled and fell fifty more feet to its ultimate death. Sorry, Melissa.

Naomi Watts in an Armani Prive dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, Roger Vivier bag, and Neil Lane jewels

From the minute I saw this I knew I was in love and I knew that the unique sleeve would be polarizing. This dress is definitely glam, and no, I won’t say it’s better suited for the Grammys. Naomi looks fantastic and the dress is unique, different and eye-catching.

Nicole Kidman in a L’Wren Scott dress, shoes and bag with Fred Leighton jewels

I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but…I love what Nicole Kidman is wearing. Okay, that just felt weird. While I’m not crazy about all the detailing on this busy dress, I do love it. Nicole’s hair looks great, although I’d love it more if it looked a bit messy and not as meticulous. Her makeup is so subtle and muted, which I’m actually loving. The dress is different and, yes, it’s a bit loud and flashy, but because it’s black I think it works. Usually I’m not a huge fan of black on the red carpet, but because this dress is completely shimmering with gold detailing, it works. I could’ve lived without the disc detailing on the skirt of the dress, but all in all I do think Nicole looks great. I just can’t stop staring at the bust of this dress — simply stunning and definitely eye-cacthing!

Octavia Spencer in a Tadashi Shoji dress, Prada shoes, Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, and an Edie Parker clutch

Hm. Well, I can’t say I love the drop waist and ball gown look on Octavia, but I will say that she still looks amazing. This color against her skin is beautiful and I’m pretty much obsessed with the shoulder tulle, which looks so delicate and elegant on her. There’s no denying that Octavia does look great. This look is elegant, sophisticated and incredibly pretty. I guess at the end of the day, I’m glad to see her trying something different (still remaining ever-loyal to Tadashi Shoji!), while managing to be elegant and not too over-the-top. Octavia does, after all, have one of the best Red Carpet track records of any celeb out there!

Olivia Munn in Marchesa

I am literally looking at a Christmas edition Barbie doll right now. Her hair and makeup are so incredibly beautiful, I don’t even have words. The dress fits her amazingly and I am absolutely blown away. The dramatic draping and detailing of the bodice are so gorgeous and completely channel the glamorous and elegant feeling of this particular award show. While Olivia is not my best dressed, this is a look I just cannot stop thinking about. One of my favorites of the night.

Reese Witherspoon in Louis Vuitton

I have loved Reese’s style for so many years because she just always looks so incredibly classic and put-together, on and off the Red Carpet. This gown, while there is nothing too eye-catching or unique about it, still stands out. This color is amazing on Reese and I love the classic silhouette and the edgy (?) origami boob she’s pulling off. Apparently that’s a trend now. Let’s just go with it. All in all, another Red Carpet win for Reese.

Sally Field in a Valentino Couture gown and Martin Katz jewelry

I am so stunned right now. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS times ten! Sally Field looks absolutely stunning. Hair and makeup are absolutely beautiful and this dress is amazing. I love the color on her (one of the few who wore red) and the silhouette, dramatic train and sheer detailing on the bodice and sleeves are so wonderful. One of the best dressed of the night.

Salma Hayek in an Alexander McQueen dress and Cindy Chow jewels

Is it just me or does her head look weirdly large? Or maybe her body just looks really tiny? Obviously, Salma looks amazing because when does this gorgeous woman ever not? However, having said that, and absolutely loving this dress. I have to say I’m literally liking nothing that is happening with her hair. Obviously an up-do was a given with that dramatic and detailed neckline (a memo Kate Hudson apparently did not receive), but it just looks a bit too big and a bit messy, really. The makeup is gorgeous and the dress is just great. I wish the hair hadn’t been so distracting!

Sandra Bullock in an Elie Saab dress and Daniel Swarovski clutch

Um, is this a major Red Carpet comeback for Sandra Bullock or is this a major Red Carpet comeback for Sandra Bullock?! Amazing! Aside from wishing she’d done something a bit different than her usual stick straight hair, I love everything about this. The dress is just incredible, honestly. The detailing is out of this world. Definitely the right choice for Sandra. With different hair, this could’ve been a ten. Right now, it’s just a 9.5.

Stacy Kiebler in Naeem Khan

Although this is a big change from Stacy Kiebler’s 2012 Oscar look, I have to say I’m loving it. It’s edgier and more modern (to match her short and adorable hair), and I can’t say anything bad about this entire ensemble. Stacy is drop dead beautiful and when you put her in a stunning gown like this, well, there’s not much more you can say than absolutely glamorous and fabulous and amazing and gorgeous and incredible. Too much?

Zoe Saldana in Alexis Mabille Couture

Well, I can’t say I’m loving this, but then again I rarely love anything Zoe wears on the Red Carpet. While the top starts off perfectly pretty (if not a bit too busy), it’s all downhill from there. Yes, the skirt of this is an off-beat, unique and not ugly by any means. However, I just can’t get behind it. There’s too much going on, from the interesting skirt to the bow-belt-floral combo going on on the bodice. I also wish her hair had been done up a bit fancier. It’s a miss for me.

Quevenzhané Wallis

Ehmagawd, could this child be cuter? Really, could she be? The answer is “no,” by the way. This dress is so precious and I love the fancy shawl/wrap with it. Of course, we all know that puppy bag (wearing a tiara, by the way) absolutely makes this look. So adorable.

Agree? Disagree? Let us know your best and worst-dressed in the comments below!