Ah, hookups – they can be a scandalous story that you can’t wait to share with all your friends or a plain disaster that you never want to remember. Now that we’re all in our twenties, hookups have just become another normality in our culture. We go out, meet someone who catches our eye, and hope that they share a mutual attraction.

Most, if not all guys at parties are looking for just that – a hookup. But at every party, there’ll be that one guy who will try to pull all these lines on you. They’ll try to charm you as much as humanely possible and make you feel like the most important girl there. These lines may boost your ego a little bit, but if he uses more than one, be cautious, he’s only saying these things with one goal in mind.

1.)  You’re pretty
Ladies, take this as a compliment. If the guy is going out of his way to tell you you’re pretty, why deny it? He may just be trying to sweet talk you, but hey, everyone needs to be reminded that they’re beautiful every now and then.

2.)  You’re different
I used to be one of those girls who thought that when a guy told me I was different, he sincerely meant it. But nope, after talking to a few of my guy friends, I’ve realized it’s something every guy tells girls. But there is some truth in this one. Everyone is different.

3.)  Let me take you out on a date
Let’s be realistic here – what are the chances of the guy actually following up with you the next day or week with plans for your first date? Very unlikely. Remember, guys just want to hook up at parties, not settle down.

4.)  Wanna make out?
This one’s a new addition to this list, which also happens to be my favorite. If I really wanted to make out with you, don’t think I would’ve done it already?

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What lines are you sick of hearing at parties?