Coffee later? We should totally get coffee! Coffee Tomorrow? Let’s meet for coffee? Any of these sayings can come across in different ways. It’s not what is being said, but rather by who is saying it.

These include:

The friend you haven’t seen in ages:

When a friend you haven’t seen in forever comes into town, getting coffee is a safe bet. The words “Let’s get coffee and catch up!” couldn’t sound any sweeter. This is a person that you can talk to for a few hours — or grande house roasts in coffee time. I mean, you haven’t seen this person since Johnny Golden Boy got wasted at senior prom!

You can talk about the past, who is doing what and where, who keeps up with who, and all the good times you two had, but after a while conversation starts to drag. This is why the coffee date is perfect. As the conversation dwindles, you can excuse yourself without feeling bad about it. Or, if this blast from the past seems like a pretty fun person, you have the window to invite them to your house party later!

The guy you just met:

Good! This guy wants to get to know you (and in public). No matter where you met — a grocery store, in class, at work or in the park — this guy felt the need to ask you on a mini-date to get coffee. Does that date take place in the morning? Afternoon? Night? It doesn’t matter; we live in a world where coffee is almost necessary to function (or tea, if you’re into that).

Over coffee, you can chat about all your quirks, be in a semi-private yet very public setting, and get to know each-other well enough to figure out if it’s worth going on an actual date or if this guy is friend status. Whether the end result is good or bad, you at least made another acquaintance.

The guy you like:

Detrimental. Whether he knows it or not, this “Let’s Get coffee?” is the most dreaded sentence you could hear come out of his mouth. This guy you thought you liked, or hoped liked you, just offered you a one-way ticket to the friend zone. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, and I’m not saying that just because a guy invites you to coffee he doesn’t like you — I’m just saying that your drink could have been a stronger proof.

*Unless it’s the morning after, then he should maybe have home brewed that café latte.

The friend you hang out with regularly:

Like the title says, regular. You can talk to this person over coffee, dinner, a movie, anywhere. Getting coffee with this person is just passing time until you hang out next, or you really just need some caffeine in your system.

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What has “let’s get coffee” meant to you in the past?