With summer officially here, it’s time to put away our knits and lighten up our wardrobes. Tank tops are a must-have all year, especially for surviving the summer heat! If you’re anything like me, the shopaholic in you will use this as an excuse to buy a lot more tanks than your closet can handle. But, good news ladies — there is a solution for this problem! There is a way to add variation without spending a ton of cash! Invest in one basic tank top (black, white, or whichever color you wear most often) and incorporate pieces that you already own into new and stylish outfits.

Just because you feel sweaty and gross in the heat doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous in your tanks. Here’s a little inspiration on how you can style your basic tanks this summer!

1. Keepin’ It Simple

2. Vertically Nautical

3. Goin’ With the Flow

4. Sweet & Floral

5. Girl’s Day Out


How do you add style to your basic tanks? Let us know in the comments!