For countless months, my dad kept on pestering me about this new amazing series he started to watch on HBO, Game of Thrones.  Naturally, I didn’t take his opinion into consideration. This is the same guy who wore glasses with hooks on the end so they wouldn’t fall off — yes, convenient but also a major fashion faux pas. Yet his insistence caused me to look deeper into this new “amazing” series. After reading countless reviews of praise and finding out it was originally a book series, one that I didn’t have time to read during the school year, I decided to try the pilot episode — no harm no foul. From minute one I was sucked in.

At first I thought it was going to be a total guy show, which was the reason for my hesitation. You know the kind of guy show I’m talking about. The kind where it is entirely guts and gore, with beheadings and a bunch of things that I, for one, cannot stomach.  But I was pleasantly surprised. It has everything — romance, family, history, battles, conspiracy — with a whole range of emotions and subjects tackled every episode. However, Game of Thrones is not for the faint of heart.

I will be honest, it can be confusing at first with all of the different intertwining families. But once getting the hang of it, you will be sold. Beheadings and blood do occur, but it is not constant. Just shut your eyes for those parts.

The men on the show are total eye candy. And coming from someone who hates long hair on guys, even I found them attractive with their accents and manly displays of gallantry. It’s every girl’s fantasy to be swept off their feet by a charming knight.

So ladies, before you become write this show off upon seeing the swords on the series advertisements, give it a try. Whatever you may be thinking — it’s so much more.

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