The “staycation” has become a national phenomenon as more budget-conscious families are choosing to exchange the usual beach holiday for a week or two in the UK. With a myriad a wonderful destinations, it seems reasonable to enjoy a break on home turf without breaking the bank.

Knowing what to pack for a family summer holiday abroad is a classic dilemma that we all face, but at least you can rely on the perfect weather. But when you decide to holiday in the UK, the packing problem intensifies as the unpredictability of the British weather means you’d probably be better off taking the entire wardrobe.

If you’re about to take your first staycation, but are panicking about what to pack, here are some of our top tips for protecting yourself against the wind, rain and (dare I say) snow, without compromising your summer style.

Layer Up: 

To survive the battle against the elements, make sure you’ve packed plenty of layers. Don’t go for any single item that’s too heavy because you never know when the sun will come out and shine. Instead use a variety of ladies tops and cardigans to be safe, great selection here. The layers will keep you warm in case of a downpour, but are easily removable if you start warming up.


You know when it’s one of those days that is far too cold to risk shorts or a skirt, but still a little too muggy for jeans? You probably ask yourself, “What should I wear?” The answer is leggings — the perfect solution to keep you warm, but still allow your legs to breathe. It’s a good idea to pack a few types of legging; patterned, bold colors and neutral so that you’ve got a pair handy for every occasion from hiking to grabbing drinks with your friends.


If you were heading to Spain for a week, your suitcase would probably be jam-packed with cute summer dresses. For the ‘staycation,’ you’ll probably get away with just a couple of options. The maxi dress is a must because it keeps your legs covered in case of a breeze, but when the sun is shining don’t hesitate to throw on that A-line skater dress.


Let’s face it, if you’re spending more than one day in the UK, it’s going to rain. To avoid looking like a drowned puppy, it’s worth carrying a stylish Mac with you. Too remain stylish this summer, avoid thick and heavy raincoats that are unpractical for carrying around when the sun does shine.

Follow these tips to pack light for your UK ‘staycation’ this summer and make sure you enjoy yourself whatever the weather brings.

Where would you go on your dream UK staycation?