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Sometimes YOLO is a no-go. Check out these times when I maybe could have refrained…

1. Eating a questionable-looking sample at a grocery store, despite being pretty sure it had been sitting there for hours.

2. Going to see Les Miserables in theatres by myself.

3. Flirting with someone after they drew on my white shirt in red marker.

4. Devouring poutine in my bed after a night out, risking the possibility of waking up in a puddle of gravy.

5. Going for sangria with a friend in the middle of the day because we couldn’t find a spot to study at the library.

6. Buying a ShamWow just to see if it would work. It didn’t.

7. Devoting a rainy day to teaching myself the choreography from the dance scene in Napoleon Dynamite.

8. Creating and wearing my own cutout skull t-shirt while being very aware how hipster-y it looked.

9. Agreeing to spend a weekend at the parents’ house of a boy that never actually took me on a real date.

10. Buying a betta fish on a whim.

11. Any and every time I jaywalk.

12. Adding expensive cheese to my Kraft Dinner (gruyère, anyone?).

13. Writing this article.

What were your worst YOLO moments?