Adapting your shed so it’s not only a space to store garden tools is a great way to extend your living space and incorporate another area in which to indulge in your hobbies or relax in a peaceful setting. Thanks to the modern log cabin kits available from Waltons, a shed doesn’t have to just be a practical place — with a little imagination, it can be so much more.

From meditation and yoga retreats to somewhere to unleash your inner artist, the options abound. Read on for ways to make your shed an idyllic retreat.

A reading room:

For lovers of literature with little space to indulge in their hobby in peace, using your shed as a mini library could provide the perfect solution. Make sure there’s adequate lighting — whether real or artificial — as well as somewhere comfy to relax and put your feet up. Whether you have enough space to stretch to a sofa or a little corner for an armchair, add a few cushions and you’ll be reading in comfort in no time.

Yoga retreat/exercise space:

Yoga and meditation call for a peaceful spot where you can disengage from your surroundings and become one with yourself. While some might like to practice in their own home, the distractions of modern life — kids, phones, TVs, computers — can easily get in the way of your serenity.

Why not use a detached space,  such as your garden shed, to have some completely uninterrupted “me time” when you can practice in peace? Keep the interior light and airy, with incense or a hot oil burner to help you relax. Then, all you need is your yoga mat and inner calm.

For those who prefer their workouts to be more intense, you could adapt your shed into a mini gym, with flat screen TV, a treadmill and speakers so you can blast your music without bothering anyone else at home.

Art studio:

If you’re the creative type and have always fancied your own art studio but don’t have the space in your home to indulge, then adapting your garden shed is a great option. Hobbies such as painting and drawing can get messy, which isn’t ideal for the home, but having a purpose built art studio in your shed means you can be free to get creative without having to worry about spillages or packing art equipment away after each session.

What’s more, if you opt for a shed with plenty of windows and glass-paned doors, you can enjoy painting and drawing surrounding by plenty of natural light.

A bar:

This suggestion is probably something that will appeal to many men — a place to escape the daily grind, the threat of household chores and somewhere you can have a relaxing drink or two without having to wander too far! Converting your shed into a bar is easy with a little imagination and you can still use it to store garden tools and other materials. When not being used, your workbench can double up as the bar top, just pull up a few stools and you’re ready to relax with friends.

Have a fridge nearby to keep bottles of beer cool and for the more hands on out there, you could even think about using your shed to brew your own ale with an easy to use kit to help you on your way.

Where do you go when you want to get away from it all? Let us know in the comments!