There’s absolutely no shame in admitting that you’re closer to Netflix than your roommate. I mean, think about it — Netflix doesn’t ask nosy questions about your life, it doesn’t leave dirty clothes all over the floor and it certainly doesn’t snore loudly at night. Instead, Netflix doesn’t make a peep unless you ask it to, it provides hours of endless entertainment and just gets the kind of mood you’re in. Here are 10 signs Netflix is basically your boyfriend (don’t be embarrassed, ladies. Just embrace it).

1. You look forward to seeing it when you come home from school or work.


2. Sometimes you cry over it (“I’ll never let go, Jack…”).


3. But it also makes you laugh more than any boyfriend ever has.


4. And you can’t stop smiling.


5. You feel empty when it’s not around.


6. You know it’ll always be faithful, and for this you’re totally grateful.












7. It’s a small price to pay (literally). Past boyfriends have drained your bank account.











8. You think about it when you’re away.















9. You have no problem telling your friends how much you love it.












10. No matter what, it’s always there for you.











Is your relationship with Netflix better than any boyfriend you’ve had? Comment away!