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    Long Distance Relationships With Your Best Friends

    Long Distance Relationships With Your Best Friends

    Afraid you’re losing touch with your high school or college clique? Staying close with your old buddies shouldn’t be a problem if you’re truly best friends. Being inseparable for four years of school, or maybe longer, will make the long distance thing hard, but it’s all about being open minded. Use Technology to Stay Updated:...
    Top Picks: Boots

    Top Picks: Boots

    It’s all about comfort, utility and warmth in the colder seasons, so with a wide range in boot choices, why not pick the ones that perfect for the weather and fits your style? 1. Desert Boots by TOM’s 2. Pebble Leather Chukka by Steven Alan 3. Forester by Steve Madden 4. Aspelina Boot by Tretorn...

    ‘Tis the Season to Wear Bright Jeans!

    Rainbow bright trends! One of the major trends that have been splattered in fashion magazines and blogs, on runways and in your local trendy stores, are colorful denim and pants. The super chic trend I didn’t think I’d love, but now I think I do… Where were they first seen? In the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion shows...

    Entertainer of the Year…Twice!

    Taking the award-world by storm! At the Country Music Awards on November 9, Taylor Swift was nominated for five awards, one of them being Entertainer of the Year. Angry Taylor fans tweeted all throughout the show about her not taking Music Video of the Year or Song of the Year, but it’s safe to say...

    How To Avoid The Seasonal Cold

    I’m all out of Kleenex. With midterms ending and the transition from Fall to Winter beginning, it’s common to get tired and run down…but what is there to do to avoid this? The end of the semester is right around the corner and the last thing we need is something like a cold slowing us...

    Staying Warm While Looking Fashionable

    Are you ready for Winter Wonderland? Winter is approaching and throwing on a cute sweater before stepping outside isn’t going to cut it anymore. However, there are a few must haves for this upcoming season that will keep you warm and will look cute too! Must-Haves For Winter: A Chunky Scarf   A ‘Trapper’ Hat...

    Barbie Controversy: What’s Your Opinion?

    Too racy for kids? Barbie is always viewed as being the perfect role model for young girls, but what if we grew up playing with a Barbie that had tattoos?  This newest Barbie doll by Mattel and Tokidoki, has caused some discussion among parents as to whether or not the doll is appropriate for children....

    Justin Timberlake’s Music Comeback

    Boyband cutie, singer, actor…rapper? Who knew that the next music video Justin Timberlake would be in he would be rapping? Former ‘NSYNC member turned solo artist, turned actor…turned rapper? Justin Timberlake surprised fans recently when he was featured as a rap artist in FreeSol’s newest music video. Read on to find out if JT is...

    Face-to-Face With Your Ex: Now What?

    Run-ins with an ex? Not so fun. We all know that breakups are never easy… but having to see your ex after the breakup may be harder than you think it will be. So, how do you deal? So you’ve learned to let go and move on… or you thought you did. After everything you’ve...

    Look Out for Kenny Wormald!

    So much cuter than Kevin Bacon! If you haven’t seen Footloose yet, it’s a must for Fall 2011! Everyone who has seen it has fallen in love with Kenny Wormald — the actor who played Ren MacCormack. Find out why we love this up-and-coming hottie! Writer Dean Pitchford took his original movie and put a...

    The Ultimate Chocolate Bar to Fulfill Your Every Craving

    Imagine the chocobilities! Imagine any type of candy bar, think it’s impossible to create? It’s not! Eric Heinbockel certainly believed in the idea of creating any type of candy bar imaginable. With his creation of Chocomize, an online shop allowing customers to customize candy bars, Heinbockel proved you can add any ingredient. Even through the...

    Communicating Leads to a Better Relationship

    Are you listening? The key to having a successful relationship is being able to communicate with one another, and if it’s not the most important thing in your relationship…maybe it should be. Conflict is never the problem in a relationship, it’s how you go about handling it. When a couple fights, it means they care...