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    Author Archive
    Campus Safety: What YOU Need to Know

    Campus Safety: What YOU Need to Know

    Are you going to that party tonight with your new college friends? Great, you should! It’s part of the college experience, and why not? You’ve studied so hard for that exam, so you deserve a little fun. But before you go out, you need to be aware of dangerous places as well as dangerous people...
    Back to School Shopping Guide: College Edition

    Back to School Shopping Guide: College Edition

    After having beautiful sunny weather almost every day, it’s hard being back in school. I know some of you moan and groan when you hear this, but for me it’s an exciting thrill because all the stores have their back to school sales going on–especially great deals for college students. I’m a freshman in college...
    5 Dates, 5 Outfits!

    5 Dates, 5 Outfits!

    Going out on a date should be fun and exciting, but now you’re asking yourself “what should I wear?” You could spend hours and hours in your closet looking for the ideal outfit and you will never be ready. Or, you could keep reading this fabulous article and be out with your date in less...
    Spring Fashion 2012

    Spring Fashion 2012

    The word “spring” can easily bring a smile to a person’s face because after those cold, snowy and miserable days, who wouldn’t be excited for a little sunshine? Many people are more than excited to see the first flowers bloom, but all the fashionistas can’t wait to take a look at this spring’s fashion. I...
    Coco Chanel: My Hero

    Coco Chanel: My Hero

    A hero is someone who has made it on their own, someone who has a strong belief and stands up for it, someone that made a major change towards making history. That someone for me is Coco Chanel. Before she became known as the leading lady of the fashion industry, Chanel was born in France...
    Why I Love P.S. I Made This

    Why I Love P.S. I Made This

    Have you ever wanted to make your own headbands and necklaces, but didn’t know how? Well, now you can do that and more! Recently I went to my favorite bookstore and found a book called P.S. I Made This. I was curious, so I opened the book and found pages with pictures and instructions. This...

    Clear Skin is Happy Skin

    Have fun with facials! Let’s face it — there is no such thing as “perfect skin,” but there is something called clear skin. Usually when you have acne, its main causes are toxins, clogged pores, excessive oil, and dead skin cells. If you ignore these symptoms, they develop over time and become pimples and blackheads....

    Thinking of Winternships? DO IT.

    How will you spend winter break? So, are you ready for the one month winter break, or will you be busy inside the office taking on winternships? Read here to see my opinions about taking an internship during winter. It may be stressful, but it’s worth a shot! You’ll learn a thing or two about...

    How to Create a Cozy Dorm

    Spice up your dorm room! Living on campus is very exciting especially when you’re a brand new freshman in college. You have so many ideas about decorating your dorm room but you might get discouraged because some dorms are not as big as your room back home. Don’t worry, because believe it or not, there...

    Fashion Meets Culture: The Tribal Trend

    Tribalicious! I love fashion trends because everyone wants to have it, and just because it’s a trend it doesn’t mean that you have to follow it and copy every exact detail. The best part it that you get to play with the trend and interpret it in your own way to make it work for...