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    BMI, MET: What Do All These Letters Mean for Your Health?

    BMI, MET: What Do All These Letters Mean for Your Health?

    Everyone knows at least one — you know, the girl who can eat just about anything and not move a muscle besides the necessary energy it takes to walk from point A to point B… then still not gain one pound. While you might be the girl who works her butt off (literally) to remain...

    Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday

    Loosen some belt notches. The words synonymous with the holidays: family, home-cooked meals, thankfulness – and weight gain.  Yes, the holidays are a time to be in the comfort of your home, surrounded with family, and eating until your heart’s content.  Especially for college women, a Thanksgiving at home is often well overdue, but it...

    Tired of Being Lonely?

    A smile would look so much better. You might think feeling lonely can only hurt you emotionally, but a new study shows that being alone could hurt you in the bedroom too – and not in the way you think. Loneliness can impact your feeling of insecurity, and in turn, impact how well you sleep....

    The Secret is Out – Healthy Pumpkin Cookies!

    Is your mouth watering yet? Most families have that one recipe, that one secret that no one else can get ahold of. For me growing up, this recipe is my mother’s pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. The elation my sister and I would experience upon coming home from school and stepping into a kitchen wafting with...

    These Little Beans Pack a Big, Nutritious Punch

    Delicious and nutricious! Ever hear the saying: big things come in small packages? Well, this statement holds true when it comes to a tiny bean that packs a huge punch of nutritional benefits. The only problem is, the flavor content lacks in this powerful pea-size bite. The chickpea can be a super-food as well as...

    Water: Too Much of a Good Thing For Runners

    How much is too much? There are a lot of running myths out there, and one of the most common misconceptions of even the most experienced runners is the amount of water needed during a run or race. Surprisingly, a new study finds that almost half of runners are drinking too much water during races....

    How to Avoid the Attack of the Snack

    Yummmmm! With a busy lifestyle, a girl is always on the move. The only thing she has to keep herself going is often her drive, motivation, and of course, food. Often times, there is no free minute to stop and sit down between meals for a decent pick-me-up, and the on-the-go snack comes in handy....

    Eat Better on a Budget

    Mmm, delicious and healthy! For young women on a budget, sometimes eating cheaply is more important than eating nutritiously.  This is a problem, since fueling your body for the busy life you live is essential to keeping up with school, work, and yes, even a little fun!  Often times, the drive-through is much more convenient...

    We Heart Chocolate: Heart-Healthy Recipes

    Is it love? Yes. Yes, it is. What does getting a poor grade on an exam, going through a tough break up, and experiencing a gravitational craving toward something creamy, sweet, and bitter all have in common?  Chocolate can fix them all!  And while here at LoveTwenty, we don’t promote emotional eating or giving into...

    The Easiest Way to Eat Better

    Healthy never looked so good! With the summer winding down, the inevitability of eating more in the colder months begins to creep up as quickly as the first crisp day of fall. Like many women, you might resort to a diet in the chilly months to try to keep your weight in check, after all...

    The Working Woman’s Workout

    No more excuses not to workout! Feel like your working more than working out this summer? It has long been thought that summer is the time to be free of worries and stress, allowing you to have the luxury to do what makes you feel best – and for a lot of us, that means...

    Forget Apples – Strawberries Keep the Doctors Away Too

    Mmmm. Keep ‘em coming! Just in time for strawberry picking season – for most of us on the east coast at least, and for those who have already seen the season come and go, remember this for next year: you might want to swap the red delicious for some delicious, red strawberries to keep doctors...