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Love Twenty Does "On The Go Beauty" in Beverly Hills

Love Twenty Does “On The Go Beauty” in Beverly Hills

A beauty pampering party on the rooftop of the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills… what more could a girl ask for on a Saturday afternoon? Maybe meeting Sean and Catherine from The Bachelor. Oh wait, we did that too. Love Twenty was invited to On The Go Beauty this past Saturday in Beverly Hills. The...
Class of 2013: Graduation Tips

Class of 2013: Graduation Tips

It’s almost that time of year again. The grass is freshly mowed, the finals are finally done and the senior thesis projects have all been turned in. The graduates of 2013 will walk across the stage, receive their diplomas, take their photos and officially be done with the college experience. I, myself, am one of...
Navigating a Flea Market

Navigating a Flea Market

I’ve found some of my favorite clothes and antiques from flea markets. Chambray shirt? $3. Vintage Levi’s high-waisted jean shorts? $12. Old band t-shirts? $15. Three rings? $6. Sundress? $14. Chanel No. 5 tank top? $10. Flea markets are a safe haven for 20-somethings on a budget. Whether you’re looking for clothes, furniture, vinyl records,...
Beauty Trends, Fashion Advice & Whitney Port: Love Twenty Hits "Simply Stylist" in LA!

Beauty Trends, Fashion Advice & Whitney Port: Love Twenty Hits “Simply Stylist” in LA!

This past Saturday I attended the Simply Stylist event in L.A. and was fortunate enough to be in the same room as some of the fashion and beauty elite, including Whitney Port, Brad Gorseki and Scotty Cunha (to name drop a few). The event consisted of a fashion panel and a beauty panel, each with...
Let's Talk About Boy Bands

Let’s Talk About Boy Bands

The perfectly styled hair, the slightly too-tight jeans, the choreographed dance moves and the¬†harmonies – don’t even get me started on the harmonies. A cultural phenomenon that sucks you in, makes you fall in love and leaves you heartbroken when they decide to break up. Boy bands. I’m talking about boy bands. We all had...
Never Grow Up: Love Twenty Hits Up BOXeight in L.A.!

Never Grow Up: Love Twenty Hits Up BOXeight in L.A.!

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Never Grow Up (NGU) event in L.A. for Love Twenty. Never Grow Up was hosted by both As U Wish and Lily White, and was held at BOXeight studios. NGU was a combination of just about all of my favorite things, including candy, an open bar,...