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    Everything You Need to Know About Sex Toys

    Everything You Need to Know About Sex Toys

    Sex toys continue to grow in popularity every year — they’ve moved away from their once taboo association and can now be found in most bedside drawers. In fact, it’s reported that 1 in every 2 women owns one or at least did at some time. But whether you’re the seasoned pro or the novice...
    SEXY TIME: To Lube or Not to Lube?

    SEXY TIME: To Lube or Not to Lube?

    Ever since watching Superbad back before my days of getting it in, I’ve been desperately afraid of lube. When I saw the Superbad, the only views I had on what took place during sex was by watching movies, where there obviously isn’t a moment where the dramatic sex scene pauses for a break to grab...
    SEXY TIME: The Awkward Morning After

    SEXY TIME: The Awkward Morning After

    A lot of us have had it. You meet a hottie at the bar, in your drunken state of mind decide it’s a great idea to go home with him, and then wake up totally sober (and totally awkward) in the morning. No one likes a walk of shame, so how do you get out...
    SEXY TIME: It's Not Like in the Movies

    SEXY TIME: It’s Not Like in the Movies

    After watching hundreds of rom-coms, I thought I knew everything about sex. It was pretty clear what was going to happen. We were going to make out, rip each other’s clothes off, and probably do it up against the wall, all while some mood music was playing in the background. When it actually happened, it...