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    Land a Job With Your Facebook Profile

    Land a Job With Your Facebook Profile

    Nearly everyone you know has a Facebook. Even your parents and grandparents are jumping on the Facebook bandwagon (whether you like it or not!), so it should come as no surprise that potential employers are harnessing the power of social media to make crucial decisions regarding your future. It’s not just your resume doing the...
    Creating the "Perfect" Profile

    Creating the “Perfect” Profile

    With new social networking sites showing up left and right, it is now becoming important when looking for a job. After doing my research, I found that about 89% of companies are using social networking for job recruitment with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter being the top websites. Since I’m sure we all have at least...
    Domestic Off-Campus Study: An Option to Consider

    Domestic Off-Campus Study: An Option to Consider

    It is commonplace on a college campus for people to talk about study abroad. However, domestic off-campus programs (studying off-campus in the United States) can be just as extraordinary and life-changing. When I started college, I knew I wanted to study off-campus, but I wasn’t sure which program would be best for me. During my...
    Tips on Getting a Job from Ryan Kahn, Career Coach

    Tips on Getting a Job from Ryan Kahn, Career Coach

    Ryan Kahn is nothing less than a career expert. Not only is he a Career Coach for Dream Careers, Inc., but he is the star of MTV’s “Hired” and has given us some great tips on landing the job of our dreams! When a guy has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today,...
    Q&A with Brianne Burrowes, Founder of I Want Her Job!

    Q&A with Brianne Burrowes, Founder of I Want Her Job!

    Need some job search inspiration? Want to meet inspirational women from all fields of work? Meet Brianne Burrowes, CEO of I Want Her Job, a website showcasing talented and successful women throughout the country. From television personalities, wildlife biology, and acupuncture, Brianne tells Love Twenty all about starting up the site, her female inspirations, and...

    Thinking of Winternships? DO IT.

    How will you spend winter break? So, are you ready for the one month winter break, or will you be busy inside the office taking on winternships? Read here to see my opinions about taking an internship during winter. It may be stressful, but it’s worth a shot! You’ll learn a thing or two about...

    Beating the Procrastination Monster!

    I should probably get to work… Procrastination is a disease we all have and will suffer from at some point in our lives. It leaves many of us with a sense of hopelessness, despair, and an intense feeling of guilt as we refresh our Facebook pages for the hundredth time while the cursor on a...

    The Benefits of a Part-Time Job

    You’re hired! I’m sure many, even most of you, have worked part-times jobs while in high school and then went on to be a part-time wonder while in college. For those of you who’ve never had to be a part-time job wonder, I’m envious. College is a place of abstract learning. You learn about theories,...

    Your School’s Career Services is Your New Best Friend

    Get the career advice you need! College is a time for living independently, setting goals, and being active in academics and extracurriculars. It is also the season of finding the best internships that are related to your chosen field. What better way to improve your resume and cover letters by stopping by your school’s career...

    A Day in the Life of a Music T.V. Producer Shirley Braha

    Umm, can we have your job? When you think of indie music, hipsters and coffee houses are usually what come to mind. However, music television producer, Shirley Braha makes indie music cool again. Her show New York Noise, a music video show on the New York City channel, got a lot of buzz before its cancellation....

    Online Sources for Picking or Changing Your Major

    Cut out the stress of picking a major. After having one of the ever-popular “what-am-going-to-do-with-my-life?” crises I went to my college’s career-services office. They were uber-helpful in guiding my career research and led me to some excellent online resources for getting the hard data on majors, career prospects and self-assessments. I’ve compiled a list of...

    Beating the New Hire Stress

    Tired of feeling like the “new girl”? For many of us, finding a job (let alone a good job that we enjoy) is the constant battle. In today’s tough economy, it can take dozens of submitted resumes, countless interviews, and a number of let downs before we finally nail that perfect employment opportunity. But even...