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    Kayla Itsines Reveals How to Get the Bikini Body You've Always Dreamed Of

    Kayla Itsines Reveals How to Get the Bikini Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of

    When 22-year-old Kayla Itsines got her personal training certification and began helping women transform their bodies at a training center in Australia, she was disappointed what she was taught wasn’t giving her clients the results they wanted to achieve. No matter what she did, their dreams of toned arms and rock-hard abs weren’t as easy to give...
    Breaking Through a Fitness Plateau

    Breaking Through a Fitness Plateau

    We all love a good workout. OK, that may be a bit of a stretch, but we all know the importance of a workout regimen. A better body, better health, a better mood… exercise provides it all. But what happens when you hit a fitness plateau? You work out regularly, maintain a healthy, balanced diet,...
    Find Out Why 'Duck Dynasty' Star Miss Kay Loves Cooking

    Find Out Why ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Miss Kay Loves Cooking

    Love Duck Dynasty? Then you’re probably already pretty fond of the very well-known Miss Kay, who was invited by LouAna to talk about why she loves cooking, her favorite recipes to make for the people she loves, and more. Not only does her fried chicken recipe look amazing, but she also went into detail on what makes...
    Are You Taking More Medicine Than You Actually Need?

    Are You Taking More Medicine Than You Actually Need?

    There’s a prescription for everything. Whether you get bad migraines or are on medicine for anxiety, every problem seems to be fixed with something you can go to the pharmacy and get over the counter. But, with all of the billions of dollars spent on prescriptions each year, how many of those meds do people...
    Just Relax: A Moment of Meditation

    Just Relax: A Moment of Meditation

    One of my greatest struggles has always been an inability to relax. I genuinely get angry when people say “Just Relax.” It’s never that simple. I bite my lips (in a very non-Fifty Shades kind of way), I pick at my nail beds, I get hives all over my body, I even get sick to...
    5 Snacks to Curb Your Mid-Day Munchies

    5 Snacks to Curb Your Mid-Day Munchies

      We all know the feeling. You’re sitting at work and you’re dying for something to snack on, but instead of going down to the vending machine and getting something you’ll regret later (and wasting those valuable laundry quarters!), have something a little healthier on hand that will not only leave you feeling full and...
    Banana Bread... With a Boost!

    Banana Bread… With a Boost!

    Do you ever find yourself on Pinterest, perusing “healthy” recipes and questioning the three cups of sugar included in the recipe? I’m in that situation so often my brain immediately begins to edit the recipe, or as I like to call it, my brain begins to “healthify.” Banana bread is one of those classic recipes...
    Ban Stress From Your Life, Once and For All!

    Ban Stress From Your Life, Once and For All!

    Whether it is with school, work or relationships, we all have sources of worry in our lives. Stress causes our bodies to go into the fight or flight response which, in small doses, can actually be beneficial. More blood goes to our brains and other vital organs to give us a small boost to get...
    Get Seriously Friendly: Say "Hello" and Pick-Up a Date!

    Get Seriously Friendly: Say “Hello” and Pick-Up a Date!

    Fall is officially here and no one wants to spend those chilly nights alone! Instead of bundling up in a blanket with some tea and a great movie (which we totally love), switch it up and take the new season as an opportunity to break back into the dating scene! If you think the cold...
    NIVEA's "Dare to Bare" Challenge (+ $150 Shopbop Gift Card Giveaway!) [CLOSED]

    NIVEA’s “Dare to Bare” Challenge (+ $150 Shopbop Gift Card Giveaway!) [CLOSED]

    For the past two weeks, we were chosen to try out NIVEA’s Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion with Q10 – and to say the least, we’re absolutely loving it. Summer means ditching those beloved, figure-flattering skinnies for short shorts and flirty dresses, and that also means we’re spending more time in front of the mirror examining every...
    Put a Little Spring in Your Step

    Put a Little Spring in Your Step

    Hello spring, it’s so nice to see you! Warmer weather, longer days, blooming flowers — there are so many reasons to love this season. But above all this, the spring is a wonderful opportunity for a fresh start. After a long, cold, sometimes difficult winter we could often use a clean slate. Susan J. Bissonette...
    How to Have a "Me" Day

    How to Have a “Me” Day

    I’m busy and know you are too — and I find it extremely uplifting and inspiring to spend a complete day (or even a couple hours) completely by myself. I’ve learned how valuable it is to give myself self-care – I feel much less stressed and much more happy when I carve out time to...