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    Dealing With Insomnia: The Girl Who Stopped Sleeping

    Dealing With Insomnia: The Girl Who Stopped Sleeping

    You know those nights when you’re so excited for the next day that you can’t sleep?  In a way, it’s almost a little enjoyable. You wake up overly tired, but don’t even care because your day has started. It’s like the first day of school or right before your birthday. Well, try that every night,...
    Hitting the Barre: The New Workout Craze You'll Love

    Hitting the Barre: The New Workout Craze You’ll Love

    I was never meant to be a ballerina. Actually, I never made it through a single class due to my habit of bursting into tears each time my mom left the room as a child. This past fall I decided to embrace my inner ballerina by attending barre method classes. This workout is not like...
    5 Ways to Benefit From a 5K

    5 Ways to Benefit From a 5K

    I knew I hated running the moment I heard it involved moving your legs for an extended period of time. I vowed to never run, ever. Against my will, my dad signed me up for a 5K and a weird thing happened — I LOVED IT. I decided running was not such a bad activity...
    Healthy Snacking for College Women

    Healthy Snacking for College Women

    Being in college is one of the most exciting times of a woman’s life—it doesn’t get much better than spending time with your friends and roommates, visiting your favorite campus hangouts and making the rounds at all of the parties.  The only downside to college, besides the actual classwork of course, is that many activities...
    Let's Talk Body Image

    Let’s Talk Body Image

    We all have parts of ourselves that we don’t like. For instance, I have a little pooch that I hate. Like, I abhor it. Completely. Utterly. With every fiber of my being, I hate it. But other than that, I’m pretty OK with how I look.  But, it took a lot of work to get...
    Pinky Up: Your Guide to Tea

    Pinky Up: Your Guide to Tea

    Tea. Just the word inspires images of let’s-pretend parties, classy English afternoons, and cozy evenings with a Jane Austen novel. It’s a drink that has invaded every corner of the globe… in fact, I’m drinking a cup of tea as I’m writing this. Tea is my absolute favorite drink, in fact, and it’s on its...
    How to Keep Your Summer Bod All Semester Long

    How to Keep Your Summer Bod All Semester Long

    So, midterms are right around the corner. Girls all across the nation are slipping back into their old habits of late night fast food runs, 10 p.m. “second dinners” and energy drinks. Their life is complete chaos right now and the only thing that seems to be keeping them going are those addicting chocolate covered...
    Easy Recipes for the Starving Scholars

    Easy Recipes for the Starving Scholars

    With a new semester of college around the corner, I have been thinking a lot about how to start my year off with a bang. Some choose to revamp their wardrobe, while others get a new hair-do. I, on the other hand, have food on the brain. For myself, eating is not just a means...
    The Importance of a Good Night's Sleep

    The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

    I’ll be the first to admit that, as a college student, sleep isn’t always my number one priority. With late night studying, going out with friends, and reruns of Friends being on all night, it’s hard to go to bed at a decent hour. Some people say when it comes to college, time only permits...
    Health 101: Medicine Cabinet Essentials

    Health 101: Medicine Cabinet Essentials

    You know the feeling all too well. The itchy, watery eyes. The nose rubbed raw from one too many tissues. The aching muscles that refuse to let you get out of bed, let alone go to class. Everyone gets sick, at some point or another. As I laid in bed last week with a 101-degree...
    Why "Weight"?  Get a Jump Start on Getting in Shape!

    Why “Weight”? Get a Jump Start on Getting in Shape!

    So, it’s almost officially summer, which will make it time to hit the beach and pools on a weekly (if not daily) basis.  What does this mean, you might be wondering?  It’s time to put those problem spots out of your head and into action.  There’s no reason to slack off on eating healthy and...
    Cute Cookies for Easter Brunch

    Cute Cookies for Easter Brunch

    Whether you attend a church service, participate in an egg hunt, or simply eat a package of Peeps, Easter is a fun holiday because of the family time, sweet treats, and pastel colors.  No matter what you’re doing on or around the holiday, you definitely need to take the time to make these adorable and...